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2nd, August 2007


villabadge%282%29.gifWelcome to a new feature. Sporadically, we’ll be getting the opinions of the fans and bloggers of each Premier League side in the run up to the new season. Of course, these opinions will be biased and far from fair, but that’s part of the joy of football eh? Today, let’s have a look at the views of a Villa fan who is hoping that Reo-Coker will shine next season… and of course, some gentle slagging of Birmingham City.
Eyup, welcome to Pies. Why don’t you introduce yourself?
Damian is the name, Aston Villa is the team and the site is the AVFC Blog at
How do you think you’ll do next season?
If you had asked me this question at the end of the season I’d have confidently said top six but today, with the season starting next week, I’m going to say top half. It’s disappointing admitting that but we’ve only brought in two players and let quite a few go.
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What do you think of your transfer activity this summer?
As Aston Villa fans we expected more. We were told of world class signings and significant funds by the club; it hasn’t happened. Sure we’ve spent £20 odd million since the new owner has come in but when you look at what the new owners at other clubs have spent it’s
disappointing; especially when you revert back to what the club have told you; significant funds and world class signings. Still, it can all change between now and August 31st you’d just think anyone not starting the season with you or not with you already wasn’t part of the plan and
could be seen by some as panic buying.

Who do you think will make the biggest mark in the squad?
From the players brought in, easy; Nigel Reo-Coker but seeing as the only other player is Marlon Harewood I’m sure most will agree. I’m sure Harewood will make an impact but big things are expected of Reo-Coker.
Who owes you a decent season?
I should say Thomas Sorensen but I’ve given up on him so I’m going to say Martin Laursen. Laursen is quality and if he can keep fit and injury free this season and plays as we all know he can then as a team, we will be stronger and harder to score against.
Who should we all watch out for next season?
I want to say Shaun Maloney but he’s not one of ours although he will, either this season or the one after, make an impact in the Premier League. I’m going to say Craig Gardner. I like Gardner a lot and he just got better and better last season and if he gets a proper run in the team this year he will make an impact.
Top 4 predictions please…
This is simple; Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. There is a chance that Spurs will sneak 4th but I’ve got money on the above. I won’t go into why it’s so predictable but you could put your mortgage on that.
And going down?
This is much harder. When you look at the promoted teams you have to fancy Sunderland will stay up and the other two will go down. I’d love Derby to do well but don’t think they will and Birmingham City are not really a Premier League club. Blues will talk the talk but talk doesn’t keep you up and we’ve all heard it before. If I had to pick another team to go down I’d pick Wigan but reckon Bolton could also struggle this year.
Finally, a random prediction…
Craig Bellamy will have a fight with himself.

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  1. lister says:

    “Birmingham City are not really a Premier League club.” The fact that they are in the Premier League rather knocks that as a theory!

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Interesting thoughts from Damian – he’s right that Villa’s squad is, at the moment anyway, too thin to challenge for a top-six place. Eighth would be my prediction.

  3. Patrick says:

    Good interview D, I like your random prediction – Bellamy should kick his own arse.
    Do you think you’d have been given more of a transfer kitty had you been in Europe?

  4. Damian says:

    re. transfer kitty; sure we might have gotten more if we were in europe but we were promised ‘significant funds’ by the club and world class signings …
    if you want to get into europe you’ve got to spend ..
    it will happen! ;)

  5. TheFside says:

    If you need anyone for the Fulham installment, I shall be more than happy to provide my views. My blog’s still quite new (and admittedly oddly tittled), but I don’t think there are too many others around, so if you need me mail me.