Snapshot: Stephen Ireland Says Farewell To Man City Team-Mates

Ollie Irish

17th, August 2010


ON the same day that Mario Balotelli showed up, Manchester City’s Stephen Ireland (right) shakes hands with team-mate David Silva as he leaves the Carrington training ground, almost certainly for the last time as a City player. As we reported earlier today, Ireland is on his way to Aston Villa, with James Milner taking his place at Eastlands.

Boy, things are crazy at City right now. Even players who signed only last year must be wondering if they are in line to be upgraded.

It’s a shame things didn’t work out for Ireland at Eastlands. He’s a terrific player – with a whole lot more wit and imagination than Milner – with jam for brains and absolutely terrible taste in denim.

Ireland also chatted with City defender Vincent Kompany on his way out. Looks like he took the time to blag a couple of plastic bags’ worth of City goodies at least:

I think this pic deserves a caption…

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  1. PhilandoTorres says:

    Kompany; “I’ll be glad to see the back of your suburban white boy hip hop fasion sense and taste in vulgar, showy cars.”

    Ireland; “Ah, ya big cunt ya.”

  2. mizman says:

    great bit of business…… by villa

  3. Tinez says:

    Kompany ‘What you been buying in the club shop, Stevo?’

    Ireland ‘This is the 2 million they promised me, oh, and I bought hat for my bald head’

  4. Tinez says:

    Improbably magnanimous press conference from Craig Bellamy

  5. pjpar says:

    Yo vinnie

    I copped another cool 2 million out of them, so Im gonna upgrade to claret and blue alloys on my Range Rover

  6. Ben Cornelius says:

    komapny: Wow, cant believe they just charged you for that gear from the club shop stevo.

    Ireland: I know, tight Arab bastards. My MCFC Loyalty points card was declined too…

  7. Majkee says:

    omg, multimillionares and wearing shit like homeless.

  8. Gratian says:

    Kompany – “Good luck at Villa!”

    Ireland – “Thanks”

  9. Nick says:

    Kompany- ‘bye’
    Ireland- ‘Don’t worry you’ll be joining me soon when terry turns up’

  10. Jake says:

    Kompany: Are you a new signing?

  11. olly dearden says:

    a million in each bag. Welcome to Villa Steven.

  12. Anthony says:

    Kompany – Your jeans are ripped everywhere, are you ok mate?

    Ireland – Cook went a bit mad when I asked for more than £2m.

  13. WorldClass says:

    Kompany… “Put in a good word… it’ll probably be me next”

    Ireland.. “to be sure, to be sure, I’ll see if we can get Jonno down there as well”

  14. Maher says:

    It’s a shame it didn’t work out, but at least the City Shop won’t need those Superman underpants any more.

  15. Paul says:

    Do you want me to look after you car Mr?

  16. Jim says:

    A tenner for one bag or fifteen for the two!!

  17. Andrew says:

    Lol, you can’t think Ireland is more intelligent than Milner. Milner is by far way better than Ireland in every sense of the game, including intelligence.

  18. Muffin says:

    Ireland’s saying, “I’ll do my best to try and persuade them Vince, but I genuinely dont think you’re anywhere near good enough for the Villa team”.

  19. Bawly says:


    Are you serious?

    Milner intelligent. He’s another England player that is over rated. Lets be honest, I do like him and he’s a work horse but come on, he’s not a world beater. Ireland was one of the best midfielders in the prem a couple of seasons ago and he’s still young.

    Man City is a graveyard. He’s only there for the money.

    Good onya Ireland, hopefully Villa do well

  20. CptPattern says:

    I’ve got a granny in each bag….honest!

  21. Matt says:

    He asked for £2m but had to settle for some city pyjamas from the club shop…

  22. Blueski says:

    SI: “Yea, they gave me the 2 mil to go stuff up Villa’s chance of getting CL footie. I would have happily done it for free!.”

    VC: “Good luck, Agent Ireland. Ask Dunnie if he could score a few more own goals, just to be sure.

  23. Jaun Sheet Dos Plenty says:

    Losing Ireland and Petrov are the only regrets in another exciting transfer window.

    And Bellamy of course, but he only has a short shelf-life at any club

  24. Paolo says:

    City is turning into RM…when u have the likes of Ade,Tevez,Robinho and even back up as Santa Cruz back then and you still want to go out getting Balo and i heard Zlatan wth…same with the midfiled and defence…yeah they would win but very fast the club culture will turn to sh**te

  25. Bawly says:

    City will win nothin. Money buys plaers, a team is built not bought

  26. Alfie says:

    Kompany: Does this mean you’re breaking up with me?
    Ireland: No

  27. sean o'grady says:

    IRELAND Sooner have gone to walsall as villa are shite.

    Kompany wherever you go nobody will understand your accent you bald twat

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