Ashley Young: ‘Don’t Go Past Me Or I Will Break Your Legs’

Ollie Irish

14th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

A glimpse into the life of a teenage winger taking on grizzled old pros:


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  1. Sean says:

    You do know that Ashley Young made that quote up. Kevin Muscat had already been sent off in that game, 30 minutes before Ashley Young came on as sub

  2. Ben C says:

    funnily enough if you look at the stats for that match, Muscat was sent off way before young even came on so im not sure how true ashleys story is..

  3. mizman says:

    @Sean, @Ben C – heard this the other day from an interview with the FA. It was Youngs first match for watford he was 18 and Muscatt said this as he jogged past Young in the warm up. He then got sent off before Young came on. Its true.

  4. Paul Sorene says:

    It was the warm up. And young dived…

  5. Sean says:

    Well you see he did lie, that whole Muscat exchange never happened in fact in his book he claims that he went past Muscat and scored even though Muscat had been sent off some time earlier, the quote is below.

    I’m never nervous. Some players get nervous all the time but I’m not like that.

    The only time I was ever nervous was when I made my Watford debut as a sub against Millwall. Kevin Muscat’s first words to me were, ‘Don’t go past me or I’ll break your legs’.

    I was 18 and it wasn’t the nicest thing to hear but the nerves left me after that and all my focus went into doing well.

    I did go past Muscat and I scored as well.

  6. mizman says:

    Either you have purchased Ashley youngs book, in which case you have wasted the best part of 20 notes, or you have “found” a new source with no evidence on the internet, in which case we shall never know what happened. oh no!

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