Aston Villa’s new away shirt for 09/10 is very stripey

Ollie Irish

29th, May 2009


Villa unveil pinstriped away kit. Eees nice
This is Aston Villa’s new away shirt for the 2009/10 season. As you can see, it’s made by Nike, it’s very stripey (though the stripes are subtle) and I think it looks rather smart. I much prefer it to other Swooshy designs I’ve seen for next season (Arsenal’s nasty dark blue away shirt, for example).
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  1. al says:

    arsenal’s nasty blue number that will be in the champions league you mean?
    Whilst this white one is easier on the eye, at least the gunner’s away kit won’t be making its debut in Round 5761 of the Europa shield or whatever its called

  2. mattydub says:

    Are the pinstripes Nike’s new design idea then??
    Expect Uniteds away kit to be black or blue with Red pinstripes…

  3. AVFC Fan says:

    hang on a second mate ure lucky that ure in the champions league this season as since january villa were in 4th n 3rd n uu were in 5th n 6th i meen ffs kidda uu put arsenal as a top 4 team .. ent top 4 teams ment to win trophys ,, its fair to say at the moment you are the shittest team in the top 4 so dont get too cocky and comftable about playing in the champions league beacuse in the next couple of seasons belive me u wont be .. and as for the kit .. dont get jelous beacuse we’ve got a better kit then you . thats just childish kid.

  4. Jack Straw says:

    mattydub, you are truly a fool of the highest order. I would think Top 4 clubs are meant to finish in the top 4, which is the absolute pinnacle your small club could hope for. Sure, Arsenal did not have a succesful season by our very high standards, but the season prior we gave away the league, and next season we’ll be back where we belong. As will you, mid-table obscurity.

  5. Jasthevillan says:

    Just for the record Jack Straw, you’ve never won the European Cup…Aston Villa have and you can never take that away. Keep trying to conceal your jealously though while you support Arsenal ‘United’ you prawn sandwich eating idiot.

  6. Joe says:

    Also, Arsenal aren’t in the champion’s league-they’re in the qualifiers. If you weren’t to make it, your crappy kit will be in the eurovision league just like the rest of us.

  7. AVFC Josh says:

    Jack, could u tell me what the scores were this season

  8. 214Gooner says:

    I can handle the blue away kit but them pinstripes have got to go!

  9. mitch;0 says:

    flipping amazing ;)

  10. Mitch :) says:

    best kit in the world only valencias come close

  11. villa 1985 says:

    these glory hunting arsenal fans need to realise they only finished above the villa this year by luck oh yeah i nearly forgot by cheating aswell you brought arshavin after the window closed some how?the fa need to sort there selves out you cant have one rule for one an another for the rest

  12. sheila says:

    i think that villa should have got some new payer’ and we might get in to the top floor

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