Celeb Balls: Pixie Lott supports West Ham United

Ollie Irish

18th, November 2009


Pixie Lott 2

I keep hearing about Pixie Lott – Pixie Lott this, Pixie Lott that. But who is this Pixie Lott I keep hearing about? I guess I’m too old to be in the Pixie Lott loop. Maybe some young, hip Pies reader can fill me in about what exactly Pixie Lott does…

Anyway, Pixie Lott blipped on my radar because she claims to support West Ham. Okay, now I’m interested, and slightly sceptical. She told the Sun that she’s a big fan of Katy Perry’s West Ham basque:

“I really want that West Ham outfit… It’s amazing. I’m a massive West Ham fan so I obviously love the outfit.

“I used to know the names of all the players, but my schedule is so busy I’ve lost touch a bit.”

Katy Perry and now Pixie Lott = a bit more glamorous than Alf Garnett and Ray Winstone.