St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Limber Up At Wembley Ahead Of NFL International Series (Photos)

Chris Wright

26th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

With their side in town to play the New England Patriots at Wembley (Bah Gawd, it looks chilly out there!) in one of the NFL’s ‘International Series’ London showcases this Sunday, the St. Louis Rams cheerleaders limbered up under the arch before clambering into their overalls, mixing a batch of cement and laying a commemorative granite flagstone down into Wembley Way – click for the full-sizers…


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Tenuous football tie-in ahoy!

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  1. Phil says:

    “St. Louis rams cheerleaders”
    Lucky man, that Sergeant Louis

  2. plops says:

    Fucking hell, and I thought those Palace dancers were ropey -___-

  3. cj herrera says:

    “…laying a commemorative granite flagstone down into Wembley Way..”
    And Lo, the most ceremonial of euphemisms is thus loosed into the ether.

  4. Jarren says:

    Nice enough girls, and yeah you would, but you’d think they could afford some food with their wages.

  5. teddy says:

    Do you Brits really care about the NFL or is this just overhype bs? I mean I’m American and futbol is all I watch. I find American football too complicated with hypocritical rules and most of the players have been in jail for one reason or another.

  6. tupaclives says:

    @teddy as a fellow american its embarrassing when you use futbol when referring to soccer or in this case football.

  7. Wiliie says:

    @ Teddy, you’re an idiot.

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