Mila Kunis Wants To See A Watford Game, Pies Hereby Begrudgingly Agree To Take Her (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, March 2013


By Chris Wright

While going through the motions waffling on about her shoddy-looking new film (that dreadful “Wizard of Oz” prequel thing) in a cookie-cutter promo interview with BBC Radio One’s Chris Stark, conversation somehow took a deviation which ended with the lovely Miss Mila Kunis agreeing to go and watch Watford FC with Stark and “the boys”.

Watford fan Stark understandably began fumbling as he chatted with Kunis, and began explaining his Saturday afternoon routine, including a pre-game trip to Nandos and the boshing of a few beers, which obviously appealed to our Mila, who – despite claiming to be too ill to go and watch the Hornets that very night – promised to attend a game at Vicarage Road at some point in the near future…

Mila Kunis? Mila…Kunis? Hmmm. If you’re struggling to place the name to the face, allow Pies to assist…


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