Escandalo! Argentinian Magazine Catch Lionel Messi Canoodling With Mystery Blonde And The Pope In Las Vegas Strip Club (Photo)

Chris Wright

30th, July 2013


By Chris Wright

Argentina’s answer to “Hello” magazine, Pronto, are running with the following cover; showing a photo of what appears to be Lionel Messi canoodling with what appears to be the ample bosom of what appears to be Topanga from “Boy Meets World” at a Las Vegas strip club shortly after the “Messi and Friends” charity match in Chicago.

From the looks of things, El Papa Francisco, aka “The Party Pope” was also in close proximity.



The tittle tattle mag reckon the photos taken inside the strip club of Messi and the mystery blonde have put strain on the Barca stars’s marriage to Antonella but Pies think the wee man will get away with it – chiefly because of how bloody miserable he looks!

And before any of you start: yeah, we did just stoop that low. That sound you hear is the bottom of the barrel being well and truly sand-blasted.

(Via The Score)

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  1. Lady B says:

    He looks petrified that she’ll smother him in her cleavage :/

  2. Nuno says:

    I think you meant to write “Escandalo” (meaning “scandal”). “Escalando” means climbing, and unless he was climbing that blonde…
    And yeah, in absolutely no way does it seem like he was just sitting there and the blonde made that by surprise (are you targeting The Sun’s readers?)

  3. Dorian says:

    It spells “ESCANDALO” not “ESCALANDO” wich means “climbing” (wich seems to be exactly what the blonde is trying to do).
    Dont miss the article about “THE SADLY STORY OF THE 430K TWINS”

  4. arkham132 says:

    I don’t know… I’m more worried about those 900lb twins or that Maradona’s wife is a whore… That magazine is so naff that it makes Hello look like the bloody Guardian…

    And by the way, shouldn’t it say ‘ PAPAL ESCANDALO’?
    I mean, ‘escalando’ means climbing in Spanish

  5. Chris says:

    Oops. My completely tripe Spanish strikes again.

  6. Jon says:

    If this was Ronaldo people would be talking about how terrible a person he is. Messi gets away with everything because he’s short and men don’t feel threatened by him.

  7. Felipe says:

    The Pope thing has nothing to do with the Messi “story”. It says “Everything about Pope Francis in Rio.” It’s just about his trip to Brazil for WYD.

    The interesting thing is the line that sets up the story like the plot of The Hangover. The picture even comes with a dog(or purse?)in his lap that we can only assume he stole from Mike Tyson.

    Even more interesting is the fact that this “magazine” prints weekly. Where do they get all that money for paper? Unless Argentinians buy this stuff to help light their fireplaces or grills, that is, which would be more understandable.

  8. the ostrich says:

    From the looks of it he got sneak attacked by the many broads there. Having been to Vegas many times I can tell you it aint no church over there.

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