Barcelona Cordially Invite Chapecoense To Play In Next Year’s Joan Gamper Trophy Tournament

Chris Wright

8th, December 2016



Barcelona have extended a formal RSVP to Chapecoense, inviting the devastated Brazilian club to compete in next year’s Joan Gamper Trophy tournament.

The Catalan giants are keen to include Chapecoense in their annual pre-season jolly in a bid to assist with the “reconstruction of the team” and to help them return to the competitive level they were at before losing the majority of their squad in a tragic plane crash a week ago.

Barcelona want to pay respect to the people who died in the accident and their families, so [we] will work to make the 2017 Trofeo Joan Gamper a great tribute.

Barca also confirmed that they sent an official letter to the Chape board on Thursday and are currently awaiting a response. The tournament is due to take place in early August.

Smashing. The manner in which the footballing world has united in support for Chapecoense is truly cockle-warming stuff.

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  1. Me says:

    I thought Man United would be doing these things…. I think a club that suffered the same tragedy could be more active or supportive or involved, I don’t know. I support United and I would love to see our club inviting Chape to play at Old Trafford or something. A post on Instagram and a few minutes of silence is not enough, considering that the biggest event in our club’s history is, sadly, the Munich air disaster. Puyol and Seedorf went to the funeral in Brazil, the president of Fifa too… United have so many ambassadors, why no one was sent out there to pay the respects? Could you imagine how nice if Ferguson or Charlton were sent out to Chapeco for the funeral? Or Giggs, Neville, Robson, Scholes, anyone. That would be something. I’m dissapointed with my club.

    • Ed Woodward says:

      If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense. I’m sure all the club ambassadors were in China looking for United’s next Official MUFC Home Pool Flotation Toy Partner or something of the sort. Someone has to pay Ibra and Pogba’s wages.

  2. maria says:

    I don’t know, but I would guess that Puyol and Seedorf may known some of the players personally. Some did play in Spain.

    I nicer gesture would be to offer to fly out to Brazil to play a game that way the Chapecoense fans can be involved. Also bear in mind that August is the middle of their season and a long trip to Europe may not be what they want or need at that time.

  3. Eric says:

    Torino seem more fitting for a friendly in Brazil. I hope they do it.

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