Elite Troll: Mischievous PSG Fan Visits Apple Store In Barcelona, Changes Every iPhone Background To Picture Of Neymar (Photos)

Chris Wright

8th, August 2017

He’s not even made a single appearance for PSG yet and already the troll-o-lol-o-lolling of Barcelona over Neymar’s summer swerve to the French capital is reaching elite levels.

Whereas some fans have spend considerable sums of money to rib Gerard Pique in a very niche manner, one PSG supporter has actually made the trip to Catalonia to conduct some high level mischief making behind enemy lines.

Indeed, the fan in question paid a little visit to the Apple Store in Barcelona and promptly set about changing the background on every display model – every iPhone, every iPad, ever Mac – to a photo of Neymar in his PSG jersey…

Now that’s some mightily impressive dedication to the bit.

(Many thanks to @Jon_LeGossip for the tip-off)

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