Just For The Record, Alex McLeish Is NOT Jose Mourinho

Chris Wright

2nd, September 2010


By Chris Wright

Friends, we are witnessing association football’s fragile facade crumbling before our very eyes.

Following yesterday’s shocking revelations that Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is not – as he was believed to be – child magician Harry Potter, comes the planet-shattering development that Birmingham manager Alex McLeish is, in turn, not the Real Madrid coach.

‘Tis Birmingham’s vice-chairman Peter Pannu that has vengefully exposed the lie, after contract renewal talks stalled between the two men due to Big Eck’s disproportionate financial demands;

“I have been in talks with his representative and he was asking for a very large amount of money which I was not prepared to meet. He has not been tried and tested yet, the club was relegated, then promoted and last year we stayed up, so he has done well.

But to suggest that he is in the top class like a Jose Mourinho, well, he is no Mourinho. The ball is in his court.”

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end (cue slow-motion images of Vietnamese villages being napalmed at dusk, and water buffaloes being ceremonially slaughtered).

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  1. Bumpyfunk says:

    …may I add to the mix the revelation that neither Pannu or Yeung are Abramovic…?


  2. kct says:

    The chairman shot himself in the foot with that comment. They should have had this discussion behind closed doors. Mcleish is obviously no mourinho but he’s the best manager to have been at club for a very long time. If they don’t show him the respect he deserves he’ll be out (and probably get more than he bargained for at Villa or another descent club). Then Bcfc will end up with Alan Pardew, and nobody wants that.

  3. S_O_T_V says:

    I think there is little truth in this allegation. When was the last time anybody saw the two of them together?

    I thing Morinho wears the ginger to make himself more appealing to the opposite sex, and he prefers British chics to mediterranean ones.

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