THE VOTE Were Blackburn Rovers’ fans wrong to boo Lucas Neill?

Ollie Irish

19th, March 2007


West Ham defender Lucas Neill has complained about the ‘disgusting’ treatment he received on his return to Ewood Park:

Five-and-a-half years at the club, 100 per cent
commitment, I’ve never gone to the papers, never complained about
anything and then, when I want to further myself for my own personal
benefit, whether it be backwards, sideways or forward, I get the
reception I get…
I think it’s disgusting because people have
come here and been here only six months to a year, not worked hard,
walked away with a pay-off, and here’s me trying my heart out for five
years and this is the reception I get.’

Aw, diddums. Seriously though, I feel Neill has a point. He was generally very loyal to Rovers, but after having a very good 2006 World Cup he started to believe his own hype. He was never going to get applauded at Ewood, but to boo him relentlessly seemed a wee bit harsh, no?

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  1. Anthony says:

    I don’t think he helped matters in going to West Ham over Liverpool.
    The Blackburn fans could have probably forgiven him for choosing to play in the Champions League and competing for top honours…
    instead of joining an obviously struggling club at the bottom of the league… but just so happened to pay him a massive salary.
    He’ll be booed at Anfield too.
    Harsh, but I understand it.

  2. Col says:

    I was there booing away. The whole episode over his transfer was laughable… The wanting to move to a “bigger club” was the bit that got me annoyed specially when he forgot Liverpool when West Spam offered him more money. AND then lied about Liverpool contacting him.
    We aren’t missing him and he was as shite as he used to be on Saturday. Was a bit annoying that he’s come out and whinged about it.

  3. Dom says:

    He’s put himself in this position by turning down a (real) big club and opting for one that was waving biscuit-flavoured money at him. He has therefore painted himself as a pantomime villain and was deservedly booed.
    If he’d gone to Liverpool, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as bad, he’d at least have maintained some respect too.