Shit lookalike: Brad Friedel and Ron Perlman

Ollie Irish

30th, July 2007


A bit obscure unless you’re into comic book adaptations like Blade 2 or Hell Boy. Both films featured the Holllywood actor, Ron Perlman, but if he can’t make the next sequel then we’re sure former US and Blackburn goalkeeper, Brad Friedel, would be the perfect substitute

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  1. Adam says:

    With all respect to Brad Friedel, Ron Perlman is far more handsome.

  2. Phantom Pain says:

    Thats not a bad one actually.

  3. sheps says:

    spotted this one way back when i saw enemy at the gates… it’s the same person i swear.
    by the way… louis saha = djimon hansou from gladiator. imdb him!

  4. infancy says:

    NO NO NO
    it’s brad friedel – john malkovich!!