Pilot sacked for letting Robbie Savage onto the flight deck during a charter flight


9th, October 2007


_44164090_pablo203.jpgA pilot who let scaredycat Robbie Savage on to the flight deck has been sacked for breaking anti-terrorism rules. Ex-RAF pilot Pablo Mason, who sports a tremendous handlebar moustache, was shown the door by Mytravel after letting Savage near the controls in an attempy to ease his fear of flying. Savage had been travelling with his team on a charter flight from Finland in August. Cpt Mason said he would appeal.
Quite right too. Just because some long-haired primadonna shat his pants during a spot of turbulence, doesn’t mean that some benevolent Gulf War hero should lose his job.

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  1. xorg says:

    Ah but rules are rules, as Graham Poll might say.

  2. Rich says:

    reinstate him and his magnicifent flying machine, right this second!
    i just hope they didn’t steal his scarf and other stereotypical acoutrements.

  3. jullswater says:

    Forget Robbie Savage as he is not the victim in this farce. Pablo is a decorated RAF officer who fought for this country and has been sacked for a variation of the airline security rules. Mytravel have stated that it was a breaxh of their security allowing a person to go into the cockpit during a PUBLIC charter. This flight was a private charter and therefore he was allowed to have Robbie Savage in the cockpit. I urge everybody who read this blog to email Mytravel with your objections, my nice email to them was rejected. As a pilot I fly many sports teams and fans to their sporting destinations and I am proud of doing so. If this type of dismissal continues then airlines will pull out of this type of flight. Put you voice behind Pablo the hero and save the reputation of fantastic pilots who ensure that you arrive at your destination safely,

  4. Robert Price says:

    It’s a shame My Travel don’t operate a zero tolerance policy for ridiculous management decisions. Thank god they are not at the controls of the aircraft with decision making of this calibre!