Joey Barton Punches Morten Gamst Pedersen In The Gut (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, November 2010


By Chris Wright

Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton is likely to face FA charges after punching Morten Gamst Pedersen in the gut during his side’s 2-1 defeat against Blackburn last night.

Referee Michael Jones did not punish Barton for the incident, which could leave the player open to retrospective action from the FA.

Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce opted not to give his thoughts on the matter after the game, instead leaving the relevant authorities to deal with it:

“I’m not really going to talk about that because I don’t want to detract from our victory. Whoever will see it will see it and do whatever needs to be done.”

Pedersen himself offered a similar view, adding:

“You saw the pictures. I don’t want to speak much about it now.”

After keeping his cool whilst having lumps kicked out of him by Wolves earlier in the season, it seemed like Barton may have finally reigned in that notoriously petty temper of his.

However, thumping an opponent in the stomach for the slightest clash of shoulders (for which Pedersen immediately turned and began to genuinely apologise for) is hardly the behaviour of a reformed man –  and he can kiss that potential England call-up goodbye too.

Another sad case of ‘once an angry little prick, always an angry little prick’?

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  1. Rocking Magpie says:

    Yes it was a punch and Barton will quite rightly be punished by the FA; but lets get this into perspective…..Pederon went down as if he’d been hiT by Joe Frazier and stayed down for over a minute; eventually seeking treatment.
    Check it out, Barton had no ‘back lift’ with what would be classed as a jab not a punch in boxing circles.
    Methinks Pederson over reacted.
    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    ps. Your last sentence? Are you referring to yourself?

  2. Tinez says:

    why did pederson put the elbow in at all?

  3. milan says:

    England suqad? he’s a third rate player just like most of the english players. They need to start investing in youth or they are going to be a laughing stock at the euro’s.

  4. CBell says:

    Although I am not the biggest fan of Barton (I actually thought the final straw was the bust up with Shearer, following a red card against Villa) However he has, by far, been the best player for newcastle this season. I would go as far as saying, that this season he has been one of the top midfeilders in the Premier league so far. Practically all of Carrolls and Nolans Goals have been assisted from Top notch crosses and passes From Joey Barton. It is a massive shame that a player of such potential and such quality acts out like this. If you have a reputation like Bartons you should stay clear of any On and off feild bother and to my suprise he has,I thought He did incredibly well not to knock out Karl Henry.

  5. Rocking Magpie is an idiot says:

    Rocking Magpie, that’s like saying…Yes Garry Glitter is a paedo but those girls were wearing sexy outfits and flirtinng with him; also I’m sure he was thinking of adult women when he was doing it.

    Sound stupid? That’s what your Barton defence sounds like!

  6. brio says:

    throw the thug out of the game he is a disgrace

  7. tombo1984 says:

    Just a couple of things.

    First; being punched in the gut especially when you have your hands outstretched saying “i don’t want any trouble” as you can quite easily see in the video hurts. It quite literally knocks the wind out of you.
    Second; Pedersen barely touched Barton as he walked by. I would even say it was just the football kits making contact. That is no justification for punching someone without warning in the chest with a clenched fist.
    Third; Barton lied after to try and get himself out of trouble. He said he slapped him with a open hand. That’s just cowardly.
    Fourth; if you want a indicator of the typical Newcastle born and bred. Look at the two fans in the background who when they saw Barton had punched Pedersen proceeded to jump up in the air in celebration and clap Barton.

    Newcastle United FC should be ashaimed at a) the conduct of their fans in this instance as violence should not be condoned in the English Premier League (the best league in the world) b) the conduct of their player in Barton.

    Also make note that the Referee was useless today. Newcastle should have been down to 10 men for sure with Barton’s punch. But they should have also had 3 other players seperately sent off (no joke). Tioti (second bookable after a foul on Jones), Nolan (second bookable for handball) and Coloccini (straight red for shoving Jason Roberts in the face).

    Yes i know Hoilett dived. He got quite rightly booked for it.

    Roberts was also clean through on goal on 60 minutes and got wrongly flagged offside.

  8. Toon Nut says:

    What an embarrassment this thug is to newcastle,for gods sake sack the idiot,he’s not fit to wear the shirt!

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Scum, sub-human scum!”

  10. jonmufc says:

    Why did you do like that Barton?

  11. CBell says:

    Actually if you watched carfully Coloccini Lifted his hand to the referee as if to say “what have I done?” And Jason Roberts Tried to walk into his hand (Sounds stupid but if you look again.) But Dispite this I agree, Blackburn where the better team, dispite how much I think Allardyce is a diluted fool. ALSO, Please do not judge The City of Newcastle and its surrounding areas by two people clapping. Infact one of the blokes was clapping before Barton Even touched M.G.P and the other looked about 12. Hardly somthing the F.A should waste time over, One lad clapping.

  12. Mr. Angry says:

    joey barton rocks! haha

  13. yank says:

    hes a cunt

  14. […] that they have bought charges of violent conduct against Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton for the malicious little jab he delivered to the gut of Blackburn’s Morten Gamst Pedersen when the two sides met last […]

  15. dunbadly says:

    Shameful once again. He’s lost his rag and taken a swing at Pedersen.

  16. Jimbo says:

    nice to see Barton going back to his normal ways, thought he was serious with this ‘role model to kids’ for a while

  17. Mr. Chopper says:

    To the guy at the top who doesn’t think it hurts getting twatted in the chest as close range unexpectedly…


  18. CBell says:

    Sorry Mr Chopper – How the hell is that at all racist? Don’t throw that shit around. Grow up mate.

  19. You've_Only_Come_To_See_Lucas!! says:

    @ Rocking Magpie ~ wow your a flipping moron! talking about “back lift”?!? haha Ive heard of defending your players but that takes the cake! now i cant wait till joey acts up again (which WILL happen) just so I can come on here and hear ur sorry excuses defending him…you would make 1 bad lawyer btw

  20. yeeeeeeeah says:

    uuuuuu, tough guy

  21. […] Since Mark Hughes left Blackburn Rovers, Morten Gamst Pedersen has found it difficult to replicate his impressive performance from that time period. But his last two matches have seen a bit of the old Pedersen return. His goal against Newcastle United was the result of hard work, but his remaining performance saw him constantly harassing his opponents. For his efforts, he recorded a second-consecutive ten-point game, and was rewarded with a punch in the stomach. […]

  22. Tinez says:

    three games and he’s back. back to being one of the best midfielders in the premier league.

  23. Jellenp says:

    He’s out for three games.

  24. Mark says:

    Joey Barton has the poer of a boxer which makes him very dangerous he we kill someone one day.

  25. Mr. Chopper says:

    Has this site gone to shit or what? I thought you were all forward-thinking intelligent blokes. And I mean BLOKES.

  26. Chris says:

    @Mr Chopper: “petty temper”, “hardly the behaviour of a reformed man”, “angry little prick”.

    Where’s the argument? Regardless of his footballing talents or his attempts to veil his ‘natural insticts toward aggression’ (his words, not mine), Barton is a little shite and needs to be continually called up as such.

    If that makes me some kind of Luddite, then I’m 100% fine with it.

  27. Tom Jones says:

    Those who thinks Pedersen overeacted have clearly never been punched in the solar plexus without expecting it.

  28. estebanrey says:

    Hmmm, people like Barton say they tempers are “uncontrollable” yet I suspect if that was 6’6″ Samba who brushed Barton and not the anorexic Pedersen his temper would have soon controlled itself!!

  29. Tom says:

    Tombo1984, what the fans were actually jumping and clapping for was the referee booking the cheat in the Blackburn team. And Coloccini straight red for pushing Roberts in the face? Not as if he did that in reply to Roberts swinging out at him just like Barton did Pederson but not having the accuracy to make proper contact. If we’re going by saying who should be sent off for what, then Roberts should be for that, Salgado should probably have been sent off in the first half for numerous fouls and hand-balls but not even a yellow. And the elbows flying when the likes of Carroll and Ameobi were going up for the ball?

    Yeah, none of this gets highlighted in the media because they aren’t Joey Barton. I know he was in the wrong and deserves the suspension, no doubt, you can see Pederson saying sorry. But I’ve just seen on Football Focus Roberts swinging out at Coloccini, anything said about that through the week? Nope, he isn’t Joey Barton.

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