Times Are Hard: Blackburn Boss Steve Kean Selling Squirrel Sketch On Ebay

Chris Wright

4th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Things aren’t particularly easy Blackburn boss Steve Kean at the moment – what with the woeful form, the endless undermining questions, nigh-on all of your own fans not being able to stand you and the niggling fact that you could wake to find your chicken-stained P45 on the doormat on any given morning.

Good to know then, that if and when times get really rough, you’ll be able to fall back on your uncanny ability to trace squirrels accurately and flog them on Ebay for six quid a pop…

Not bad, but alas, we can’t keep up this facade any longer. Kean isn’t making ends meet with doodles of endangered rodentia – it’s all for some kind of red squirrel-based charity mate…

Go on, have a flutter. Bag yourself a Steve Kean original before he disappears forever.

Via F365