Blackburn Rovers Ban Banners Ahead Of Yet Another Ewood Park Protest

Alan Duffy

2nd, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

Anti-Steve Kean protests have almost become part of the Premier League experience at Ewood Park this season. With the club currently struggling in 18th place in the table, and having won just six league games out of 31 under Kean’s stewardship, Rovers’ fans are desperate for a change.

However, ahead of Saturday’s fourth successive fans’ protest, the club have decided to ban people from unfurling banners calling for Kean’s dismissal either before or during Blackburn’s game with Chelsea.

Apparently the club is concerned that the protest may provoke a counter-demonstration which could lead to trouble.

Glen Mullen, one of the organisers of the protests, seem rather accepting of the ruling: “Not being able to have banners is a blow but we take health and safety very seriously, ” he said. “The protest group’s conduct has been exemplary throughout the last couple of months and we wish all our demonstrations to be peaceful with clear messages.”

“Although disappointed, we respect the club’s decision to impose a banner ban in the interest of public safety.”

To their credit, Blackburn will allow the protest to take place once the game itself is over (and most of the TV cameras are gone, presumably?).

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    The Venky’s are taking the Stalinist approach to club management I see…

  2. k9 says:

    “Apparently the club is concerned that the protest may provoke a counter-demonstration which could lead to trouble”

    ahh…denial, what a wonderful thing

  3. __wowza says:

    oh yeah, we know that counter-demonstration would be huge!
    rabid pro-kean supporters would see these banners unfurled and immediately go on the attack. flares would be thrown back and forth, seats would be ripped up, it’d be bedlam i tell you. ABSOLUTE BEDLAM!

    wait, i forgot, sarcasm doesn’t translate over the internet :/

  4. martin smith says:

    Blackburn Rovers should get rid of keen and the new owners They are not bothered about the fans just making money from the club
    1 Get Rid Keen
    2 Get Rid of the chicken owners off club
    3 Spend money on players who can get the ball in the goal

    Prostest March against the owners blackburn rovers because they are killing the club

  5. scott smith says:

    All the rovers fans should a march to get rid of keen and owners of the club

  6. james says:

    All rovers fans should get to together to get rid of the Venky’s and steve keen because if they carry on they are killing blackburn rovers

    All blackburn rovers fans should be able to see a football match with there protest banners if the venkys dont like it tough luck.

  7. normski says:

    a non attendance protest would show the owners that something has to be done very very quickly.the game against west brom for e.g. as a season ticket holder for decades it would be hard not attend a home league match but it would i think be affective.

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