Thierry Henry Flies 5,000 Miles To Spend An Hour With Fabrice Muamba

Chris Wright

22nd, March 2012


By Chris Wright

“I would fly 2,500 miles and I would fly 2,500 more…”

Just when you thought it was impossible that Thierry Henry could be any more of a legendary chieftain having gone public with his plans to build a colossal three-storey fish tank recently, the little blighter goes and flies 5,000 miles from the US to pop in and spend a bit of time at Fabrice Muamba’s hospital bedside.

Henry finished up playing for New York Red Bulls against Real Salt Lake in Utah on Sunday afternoon then hopped on board a series of flights to drop in and give Muamba a ‘get well soon’ message at the London Chest Hospital the following evening, spending more than an hour with his former Arsenal teammate and his gathered family.

Granted, Henry shouldn’t really be the focus given the circumstances, but the guy’s a class act.

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Just another nice guy I reckon.

  2. musiclouis47 says:

    bravo thierry just showed that you are not another fish in a tank!

  3. Al says:

    more PR by Henry, has to get his face in lest his legions of fans on this side of the world forget about him, I’m suprised he didn’t emerge from the hospital doors, beating his heroic chest claiming he saved Muamba just as he saved Arsenal on so many occasions or maybe I’m just cynical nad still bitter over “that” handball a few years ago

  4. Koffa Perry says:

    Thats great guy to alway show concern about friends. i hope other will emulate your foot steps and pray for the illed friend.

  5. e says:

    That’s a few thousand pounds that could have gone to charity.
    Whatever happened to phone calls ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It pays to do good, so Henry God will surely bless you and your household

  7. Jairus says:

    This a very good gesture.
    Jairus – Uganda.

  8. John says:

    Henry PR offensive cheating dickhead restoring legacy dummies eating it up sigh

  9. Fix72 says:

    Thiery Henry has just shown us how beautiful he is from inside out and may the Almighty God restore wat had been lost to Muamba. We love you T.H. with all you did for Muamba in such a time like this.

  10. Solihull United says:

    for fucks sake, there’s more to worry about then weather not henry did it for PR, for example the fact that muamba is still in bad condition

  11. Jarren says:

    That’s pretty epic. I’m sure Fabrice appreciated the gesture.

  12. cam says:

    There are people who won’t drive to see a relative in hospital, so for someone like Theirry to cancel everything and fly to London to see a former team mate is truly respectable, my word.

  13. Isaac says:

    Thank’s man,may God bless you.

  14. Mukiza Rickie says:

    Old Boys are always so good. Quick recovery………………….We need you.

  15. Puia says:

    why get so cynical when a friend had gone and done what he did for Muamba? Could you have done taht for a sick friend even 10 miles away from you? Pls appreciate the deed and dont talk about PR & that sort of stuff. TH is for REAL….we appreciate and thank him for being such an example….well done Henry…you’re our Hero in every sense of th word. Go ****** you all cynical *******

  16. Anonymous says:

    what did you mean by ‘someone like thierry’ mean? he’s still a spa, that’s not a reference to the handball, he’s just a spa. no gives a toss about the handball anymore. had to get his face on camera and in blogs. Get well soon fabrice.

  17. Par says:

    If I were a billionaire footballer, I’d fly first class to spend an hour with a sick friend…..

    Henry is a good guy, I agree bu I’m with Solihull on this one.

  18. Betty Lisec says:

    He truely is a class-act!

  19. A friend in need is a friend in deed.Bravo H.T

  20. Evans Brian Oloo says:

    That was great of Henry,indeed we as Arsenal fans are proud of you men.wish Muamba quick recovery and may the Almight GOD bless Henry as we await your coming back to the club.

  21. I strongly thank Henry is a perfect Gentleman.His attitude has proven it.Let us all appreciate him and not cast cloud on him.How many of us can do what he did? Kudos Henry.

  22. Acellam Denish says:

    Bravo, bravo!!!! to Henry. we the fans of Arsenal in Uganda appreciate your concern. To us the fans you are the Hero. May God Bless yo!!!!.

  23. Nigs83 says:

    T.H that shows how responsible you are. Many of us wouldn’t have done such and we will always love u as arsenal fans.

  24. atwiine .. in Uganda says:

    thanks thierry. Love you as you love others. we wish our lad gud recovery.

  25. Steve says:


  26. Nizam says:

    this accident is so suprise.Henry is so kind man, a legendary for Arsenal

  27. Lekan Daramola says:

    TH-still the best. Muamba- will definitely survive.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thierry Henry brings on African spam. Who’da thunk it?

  29. JHNWRL says:

    Thierry Henry for FIFA President !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ahmed says:

    tt u showed as respect thank u for every thing

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