Kevin Nolan and the riddle of butterfly Anelka


5th, January 2007


Kevin Nolan’s column for the BBC is one of most thrilling reads this century. Of course, I am lying through my back teeth. It’s terrible and amazingly dull. To point this out, I’ve lifted a passage from the Q&A section Kevin has at the end of every column. Brace yourself.

Q Hi Kevin I have a question regarding Nicolas Anelka. After he scores he makes a gesture of what appears to be a bird and I wondered what it means?

A I don’t actually know myself.
We have been asking him in training and it appears to be something of a secret. The hand movement seems to resemble a butterfly and he makes quite a strange sound as he does so.

Stunning stuff eh readers? Next week, Kevin Nolan talks about Sam Allardyce and his penchant for Berkley Reds…

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