Big Sam will turn Newcastle United into a big club again

Ollie Irish

10th, May 2007


72940001.jpgBookmakers Ladbrokes have suspended all betting on Sam Allardyce’s appointment as the new Newcastle boss. The bookies don’t get it wrong very often and so it seems like a done deal. Most Newcastle fans seem pretty happy with Big Sam’s imminent appointment, although I have heard some complain that he’s too defensive to please the Toon Army. Bollocks, I say. Sam did a very impressive job at Bolton – people unfairly criticised him for playing negative, long-ball football but which manager extended the careers of entertainers like Jay-Jay Okocha and Youri Djorkaeff?
No, Allardyce knows how to win with the resources he has. He’s a realist and that’s exactly what Newcastle United have needed for years. Yes, Newcastle are a big club, but they haven’t played like one since Kevin Keegan was manager. At least Allardyce will get results. So, a word to the Toon Army: it could be a lot worse – you could get Sven instead.

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  1. Left Back says:

    Interesting how this might affect Kevin Bond’s court case against Newcastle.

  2. Col says:

    Sky Sports News was banging on all yesterday about how Sven could be suprise new Toon boss, then they interviewed Sven’s agent, who pretty much confirmed that it was a load of rubbish cause no one had contacted him and said that Sam was pretty certain to get the job. YET still ran the story that Sven could be the next Toon boss! Great reporting.