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7th, August 2007


BWFCbadge.gifAnother chance to hear some footy fan spouting off about their side! It’s time to look at a fan’s eye view of the forthcoming Prem season, and this time, we’re stopping at the door of Bolton Wanderers.
Introduce yourself to Pies readers then…
Peter Sharples, Bolton Wanderers,
Looking forward to next season?
With a new untried manager and a probable new system, not to mention several new faces, its a leap into the dark for the Whites this season… and whether that’s a thrill to be anticipated with relish or a brown undies experience depends on whether your pint glass is half empty or full. For me, its a mix of both… so I’ll say 9th – 14th depending on if Anelka stays or goes.
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How’s the summer going?

Whilst there’s been no ‘tentpole’ signing yet, its certainly been busy, and I’m glad to see the squad getting strength in depth (except at right back, sort it Sammy!). Names like McCann and Samuel are ‘get the job done’ types rather than showy glamour models, and Whilhelmsson and Braaten come with good notices. It’s all about the right person for the job, in short, and I’m content with that.

Who do you think will make the biggest mark in the squad?
If Anelka’s still here and gets better service, then no contest… but I have a good feeling about the new chap from Sweden (Whilhelmsson).
Who needs to get their finger out next season?
Kevin Nolan obviously – he has one good season and one bobbins one, so going by that cycle this should be his year. Ricardo Vaz Te is also in the last chance saloon – its now or never as far as shedding those lead boots goes, or its off to Oldham or Doncaster you go, sunbeam.
Which youngster should we all watch out for next season?
James Sinclair is being groomed for a first team breakthrough. Keep a beady one on him.
Who is going to be sat at the top of the pile come the end of the season?
1. Man U (cough)
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Tottenham (honest!)

Off to the Campionship?
Derby, Fulham, and Wigan.

Finally, make a random prediction about next season.

That video replay technology will finally be accepted as necessary, and the norm.

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  1. Liam says:

    I think you forget Vas Te is only 20 or something and he looked good in the U21 championships. I don’t support Bolton but they have made some good signings that were kind of under the radar and have a good chance of a top 10 finish.

  2. chris adamson says:

    and it will be used to prove an everton goal was scored against us which was missed by the officials leading to our relegation and their safety on goals scored.