Kevin Davies ‘Embarrassed’ By Carlos Tevez Substitute Outburst (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, December 2010


By Chris Wright

Bolton captain Kevin Davies told the Manchester Evening News that he was ’embarrased’ by the conduct of Manchester City’s players during their 1-0 win over the Trotters on Saturday, complaining that many of City’s ‘European’ players were guilty of ‘going down screaming’ after taking the slightest of knocks.

Davies has since apologised for his comments in the MEN, claiming that it ‘wasn’t his place to comment’, but that hasn’t stopped him taking to his Twitter account to lambast the petulance showed by City striker Carlos Tevez when he was hauled off by manager Roberto Mancini in the 90th minute:

“If you have a problem it is best to sort out behind closed doors rather than make an issue in front of millions.”

The Bolton forward also believes that Tevez’s little charade is indicative of deeper-lying problems within City’s expensively assembled personnel:

“Seeing Tevez’s reaction to being subbed assures me there [are] problems within at City, great players individually but as a team??”

Post-game sour grapes, a timely nugget of truth from a well-placed perspective or an awful lot of hoo-ha over absolutely nada? What sayeth you?

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  1. epiblast says:

    I think Davies is right, bunch of bitchy little babies.

  2. gilly says:

    well in there big kev

  3. Mike says:


    What a stupid comment. I assume you watch football? Do you not see players in EVERY GAME EVERY WEEK trying to con the ref? It is a part of the game and the teams with the better cheats tend to rise to the top(Shrek for example). In factDavies should be ashamed and embarassed about his pathetic excuses. I was at the game and Bolton were lucky and by far the dirtier side. C Y Lee dived on a number of occasions going unpunished. Where is the vitriol for that? The referee wrongly sent off Kolarov for a good tackle after the linesman outrageously denied Tevez’ second goal.
    If you think Davies is right then you must also agree with him saying in the same interview that we put in some “great tackles”? Thought not.

    Sorry we couldn’t lose for you. You might as well concentrate on your own team now. If you ever get a ticket to watch them that is.


  4. Montesquieu says:

    Tevez is a millionaire man-child.

  5. Ruperto says:

    Mancini Needs To Learn How To Control His Bitches
    What Did The Hand Say To The Face

  6. Folan says:

    No, it’s what did the five fingers say to the face…slap!!!

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