Danish Magazine Pay To Make Lord Nicklas Bendtner An Actual Lord

Chris Wright

13th, March 2015


By Chris Wright

“Kiss the feet of your lord, peasant”

The day is finally upon us. Nicklas Bendtner has a title. As of today, Lord Bendtner is a real lord.

Danish magazine SE Og HØR have paid to buy a 30cm square metre of land on a country estate in the west of Scotland and registered it in Bendtner’s name, therefore making him a lord (though as his land is in Scotland he’s technically a laird by rights) of the manor.

“We have seen it, and Nicklas think it’s a fun gimmick,” said Elisa Lykke, Bendtner’s PR agent.

“We have asked to be sent a receipt and we are pleased that it supports a nature conservation area.”

Should you be interested in making a pilgrimage to Laird Bendtner’s ancestral country seat, the head for the Glencoe Wood nature reserve in the Scottish Highlands, plot number A131416, right next to the one you bought your Dad for his 50th birthday…

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  1. EDub says:

    As a Gooner, I can say without sarcasm that I will always love this guy.

    He’s a little like Zlatan, with a bit less skill.

  2. Jarren says:

    “He’s a little like Zlatan, with a bit less skill.”

    Let me fix that for you:

    “He’s a little like Zlatan, in that he is a human being”

  3. Straight Dave says:

    *Straight Dave liked the above comment*

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