Bayern Munich To Lay On Training Camps, Free Meals, First Aid And German Classes For Syrian Refugees

Chris Wright

3rd, September 2015



As you may have seen, there cockle-warming scenes across German football at the weekend as fans from various clubs welcomed refugees to their country en masse.

Tensions are running high in Germany of late as the country continues to take in more and more desperate souls who have been displaced by the war in Syria, so it was heart-warming to see football fans take such a sympathetic and tolerant stance.

Indeed, several of the larger Bundesliga clubs have taken steps to further engage with the refugees, with Borussia Dortmund announcing yesterday that they are giving free tickets to 220 refugees for their upcoming Europa League tie against Norwegian side Odds Ballklubb – more than the total number of Syrians who have been taken in though the UK government’s official refugee relocation scheme, according to the Independent.

Today, Bayern Munich have followed suit, with the Bavarian giants announcing their plans to provide a €1million donation toward projects set up to support Syrian refugees arriving in Germany.

As well as the money, Bayern are also laying on training camps for refugees as well as subsided meals, football equipment, child first aid and even German classes for the needy people arriving in Munich specifically.

Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told the official club site:

“Bayern sees it as our social responsibility to help the refugees, needy children, women and men, to help them and to accompany them in Germany.”

The club have also confirmed that before their next home game against Augsburg on 12th September, the Bayern players emerge from the tunnel holding the hand of a German child in one hand and the hand of a refugee child in the other to symbolise the integration of the two communities.

As we said earlier, cockle-warming and so wonderfully reassuring to see.

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  1. Sultan says:


  2. One Man Went to Mow says:

    Why isn’t this the number one headline on the BBC. It really puts to shame the U.K.’s current stance on the crisis.

    • Geraldo says:

      @One Man Went to Mow – you’ve just answered your own question. And maybe you should inform that ignorant bellend punchdrunk that you’re not his “pal”…

  3. punchdrunk says:

    @one man went to mow

    Have a wander round the streets of the UK, we’re full pal.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fast forward 20 years and Bayern have a Syrian back 4 all with German passports

  5. Terry Shedingham says:

    If they’re doing it for refugees taken in from designated refugee camps, then fine. If it’s for the hordes of illegal economic migrants who’ve been demanding they be taken to Germany and be taken care of at the expense of the German populace, they’re foolish beyond words.

    • Geraldo says:

      @Terry Shedingham – “foolish beyond words”…absolutely brilliant. Does irony come naturally to an ignoramus like you? Because common sense and compassion certainly don’t.

      • Terry Shedingham says:

        Care to say how I’m wrong? I suppose you think the streams of entitled, able-bodied men who’re demanding that they be fed and transported to Germany are “refugees”? Merkel is a lunatic who’s so drunk on the idea of multiculturalism that she’d prefer to destroy parts of German culture in the name of tolerance than for one minute consider what the indigenous population might think about importing swathes of the third world. Thank god Cameron showed some backbone for once and ignored the totally unreasonable demands for quotas

        Also, how come the hypocritical fools on social media who’re falling over each other to appear the most tolerant never offered their homes to the homeless in their own countries?

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