Dortmund: Marc Bartra Criticised By Animal Welfare Supporters After Showing Off His Christmas Chimpanzee (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, December 2016


If you thought having to feign gratitude for that Lynx Voodoo body spray and shower gel set you got for Christmas was a tall order, then spare a Yuletide thought for Marc Bartra.

Indeed, the Dortmund defender was forced to look anything other than bemused and terrified when he unwrapped the large, fidgety and faintly musty present underneath his tree…

As you may have guessed, Bartra’s unveiling of his hairy new chum hasn’t gone down well with Twitter’s animal welfare division, who were quick to chastise the Spaniard for attempting to raise a chimpanzee in a German apartment, rather than a jungle of some description.

Remember kids: A chimp is for life, not just for retweets.

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