Bayern Munich: Carlo Ancelotti Will Not Be Punished For Giving Gobby Hertha Berlin Fans The Finger (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, February 2017



The DFB have confirmed that Carlo Ancelotti won’t face punishment for sticking his middle finger up at opposing fans during Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga tie against Hertha Berlin last Saturday.

The Bayern coach was seen making the gesture at Hertha fans as he made his way back to the Allianz Arena dressing rooms following the 1-1 draw…

Speaking to ARD Sportschau directly after the incident, Ancelotti freely admitted to the finger, claiming that he’d been spat at by the Hertha fans earlier in the game.

Taking the provocation into account, the DFB disciplinary committee have now officially ceased their inquiry into the matter.

Feel free to try and untangle this marvellous auto-translated statement from the DFB, for this is how it appears on the Bayern club website:

Basically, we believe the human reaction with the gesture of Carlo Ancelotti on the evil spooky bag for emotionally comprehensible.

Harassed by an evil spooky bag? Sounds serious. Somebody call Egon Spengler.

Any road up, Ancelotti has also agreed to make a €5,000 donation to the DFB Foundation as penance, thus bringing the matter to an end.

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  1. Chris says:

    Can only symphatize with people like him in such situations. Hooligans unloads their life frustrations on him, curse at him, insult his family, spit on him, and he’s supposed to smile through all that and sing a happy dance? If Fifa is really so much for proper behavior, how come they do nothing about those wildlings in the audience? While they’re at it, they might want to see if there’s any corruption in their organization going on. There are some rumors.

  2. Bruno says:

    Jose Mourinho would be banned for football.

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