Marc Bartra Successful In Quest To Track Down Lone Dortmund Fan Sat Amid Sea Of Schalke Supporters During Ruhr Derby

Chris Wright

3rd, April 2017



Saturday saw Schalke 04 welcome local acquaintances Borussia Dortmund to the Veltins Arena for the Ruhr derby, which eventually played out as a 1-1 draw.

However, the breakout star of the game was the one lone Dortmund fan who managed to find herself stranded amid the home fans and an endless sea of blue shirts…


Photo: @MarcBartra/Twitter

Indeed, Dortmund defender Marc Bartra was so enamoured by the circumstances that led to the photo that he launched a personal Twitter search to track down the fan in question.

Using the #SheLovesBVB hashtag, the Spaniard asked his social media acolytes to help identify the supporter so he could present her with a match-worn souvenir for her troubles.

Less than 24 hours later, bingo – Bartra managed to get in touch with the woman.

In fact, she turned out to be Steffi, a Dortmund fan who is married to a Schalke-supporting husband, hence the sub-optimal seating arrangement.

Sure enough, having ferreted out his mystery fan, Bartra once again promised to keep up his end of the bargain, implying that a signed shirt was in the post.

How simply wunderbar of him!

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  1. Straight Dave says:

    Dude just wanted to get laid, bless him

  2. James Taylor says:

    That happened to me at San Siro once, when I found myself the sole Fiorentina supporter amid a sea of Inter fans. I was on the receiving end of a few concerned looks, which quickly turned in to amused sniggers once the home side found themselves 4-0 up after about an hour…

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