Canine Intervention: Jupp Heynckes, 72, Reveals He Returned To Bayern Munich Because His Dog Told Him To…

Chris Wright

9th, October 2017

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After previously bowing out with a treble in 2013, Jupp Heynckes has once again been coaxed back for a fourth tour of duty at Bayern Munich.

Speaking after saying his last round of farewells at Bayern five years ago, the veteran coach seemed fairly definite about wanting to get out of the managerial racket:

I will never say ‘never’, but I can assure you that I have no intention of coaching again. I had a worthy ending.

And lo, Heynckes, 72, has been beckoned back to the Bavarian coal face, becoming the oldest coach in Europe’s top five leagues by stepping in as an interim replacement for Carlo Ancelotti until the end of the season.

Speaking at his (re)introductory press conference at the Allianz Arena on Monday, the esteemed German was asked how he was convinced to put his retirement on hold and return to the fold, at least in a temporary capacity.

Heynckes duly revealed that the moment which swung his decision didn’t come during negotiations with chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, but rather during a brief chat he had with his family pet:

I would not have returned to any other club in the world, but the Bayern Munch is a love affair for me.

My daughter and my wife advised me on my decision. Then my dog Cando barked twice and the deal was sealed.

They’re not all locked up.

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