Werder Bremen: Max Kruse Launches Motor Racing Team With Additional Focus On Teaching Professional Footballers To Drive Properly

Chris Wright

17th, January 2018


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As well as playing up front for Werder Bremen from time to time, Max Kruse also juggles a second job moonlighting as a pro-standard poker player.

Not content with having just the two concurrent lucrative careers, the 29-year-old has gone and started his very own motor racing team.

Kruse officially launched MKR (you’ll never guess what it stands for) at the beginning of January and has already signed his first driver, German touring car star Benjamin Leuchter – a former colleague of Sebastian Vettel, no less.

What’s more, the striker has founded MKR not only to chase podiums and chequered flags, but to help improve both road and race safety by offering rigorous training to budding drivers, businesses and his fellow footballers.

Talking to Bremen’s official website, Kruse outlined his ethos:

Especially now, footballers often drive fast cars without being able to control them in borderline situations.

With our training program we want to guide you to responsible driving.

Good stuff. Thoroughly commendable.

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  1. Stefano says:

    Why not first: “Especially now, footballers often poker highest stakes without being able to control them in borderline situations.”?
    More money in it, I`d say.

  2. PetrovskyKSC says:

    Yeah, this guy talks about responsibility… He once did not bother to take a €75000 poker prize in cash with and left it in a taxi instead. Has he changed since then? Apart from his very own escapades, this is really a good thing to initiate. I would not like to be in front of 18yo gazillionaires on the motorway when they are trying to go supersonic in a veyron.

  3. Beano says:

    I’m convinced Max Kruse’s personal life is a performance act. He’s just too damn goofy.

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