Bundes-Ivy-Liga: Borussia Dortmund Midfielder Nuri Sahin Accepted Into Harvard Business School

Chris Wright

27th, April 2018


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So much for professional footballers being a big bunch of thickos! Nuri Sahin of Borussia Dortmund fame has confounded the stereotype by getting himself into Havard.

The former Liverpool midfielder confirmed that he’s been accepted onto a course at the prestigious Harvard Business School…

Writing on Twitter, Sahin broke his Ivy League news thus:

I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve been admitted to Harvard Business School! Super excited about the programme and delighted to meet legendary [Professor] Anita Elberse.

We don’t need to tell you that Professor Elberse is a leading expert on the entertainment, media and sports sectors. She has published her research in top academic and practitioner journals in the fields of marketing, economics, and management. According to the Wall Street Journal, “[Elberse] takes the same statistically rigorous approach to entertainment and cultural industries that sabermetricians do to baseball.”[1]

That all goes without saying, really.

Anyway, the Bundesliga themselves have confirmed that Sahin won’t be ditching Dortmund for the business world anytime soon as he is planning to combine his studies with his day job.

Best of ruddy luck to him.

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  1. Blagoj says:

    I think you have misspelled Harvard in both the title and the first paragraph

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