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  • Spot the Baller: 17 July, 2009 July 17th, 2009 Games

    OK, yesterday’s StB was way too obvious. No more Mr Nice Guy… Think you know who this is? Leave a comment with your guess. Yesterday’s answer: Lionel Messi I thought the No.19 on the shorts might put some of you off the scent (Messi wears No.10 for Barcelona now), but as soon as I posted […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz is back! July 17th, 2009 Games

    So many of you have requested the return of the FFQ that I couldn’t hold out any longer. No doubt the format of the quiz will evolve in the coming weeks, but for now it has a comfortably familiar look… 1. Crystal Palace, Southend United, Derby County, Charlton Athletic, West Ham United, Charlton Athletic, Watford, […]

  • Spot the Baller: 16 July, 2009 July 16th, 2009 Games

    You should know the drill by now - can you identify the player with the football face? If you know who it is, leave a comment with your answer… Yesterday’s answer: Dirk Kuyt Yes, quite a few of you recognised the chunky, pale legs of Dirk Kuyt. Nice spot.

  • Spot the Baller: 15 July, 2009 July 15th, 2009 Games

    By the power of Greyskull, who the hell is this? (Click image to enlarge). If you think you know, leave a comment with your answer. Yesterday’s answer: Florent Malouda Yep, it was little Malouda. Well done to those of you who didn’t fall for my cunning Ashley Cole-shaped trap.

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2010: Liverpool players now more realistic (except Stevie G) July 15th, 2009 Games

    This screenshot compares the new faces of Liverpool players for Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 with those in the previous version. All of the faces are more realistic, with the exception of Stevie G, who looks like he has bad AIDS. Torres looks spookily like the real thing, and they’ve got Carragher’s furrowed forehead spot-on. […]

  • Spot the Baller: 14 July, 2009 July 14th, 2009 Chelsea

    Think you know who the ball-faced footballer is? (Click image to enlarge) Leave a comment with your answer. Yesterday’s answer: Gilles Grimandi Many different Arsenal players were named, but only a couple of you got it right. Richie B was the first reader to nail it. As he said, ‘something about the sleeves is saying […]

  • Spot the Baller: 13 July, 2009 July 13th, 2009 Games

    I think today’s StB is quite tough. You may disagree… Who’s the faceless Arsenal player? If you think you know, leave a comment with your answer. [Click the image to enlarge, Photo: PA] Friday’s answer: Juan Sebastian Veron No, those aren’t the swarthy arms of Ryan Giggs. Congrats to those of you who identified the […]

  • Spot the Baller: 10 July, 2009 July 10th, 2009 Games

    I think you know what to do by now. Name the ball-headed baller… [Click the image to enlarge. Photo: PA] Think you know who’s celebrating with Becks? Leave a comment with your answer. Yesterday’s answer: Darren Anderton Most of you recognised the fragile stick legs of Sicknote. But top of the class is Liam FP, […]

  • Spot the Baller: 9 July, 2009 July 9th, 2009 Games

    Today’s Spot the Baller is arguably easier than yesterday’s edition, but I’ll still be interested to see your answers. Who dis? (Click image to enlarge - the clues are there…) If you think you know who it is, leave a comment with your answer. Yesterday’s answer: Martin Keown Top marks to those of you who weren’t […]

  • Spot the Baller: 8 July, 2009 July 8th, 2009 Games

    Welcome to the second edition of our new daily quiz. Who the dickens is this, on the end of a yellow card? If you’re struggling, click the image to super-size it. So who do you think it is? Leave a comment with your answer. The answer will also be revealed at the end of tomorrow’s […]

  • Spot the Baller: 7 July, 2009 July 7th, 2009 Games

    Welcome to Pies’ new daily quiz. It’s our version of Spot the Ball, but there’s no missing ball. Instead, you have to identify the footballer whose face has been covered up using the limitless, yet largely untapped powers of Photoshop. So take a look at the picture below and name the footballer: [Photo: PA] Think […]

  • Who do you most want to win? England U21s or Andy Murray June 29th, 2009 Games

    Be honest, you’d rather Murray won Wimbles than Psycho’s lads won in Sweden tonight. It’s OK, I won’t tell anyone… What would you prefer: England win U21 Euros or Andy Murray wins Wimbledon?(answers)

  • Will Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 be good enough to save a dying series? June 5th, 2009 Games

    The latest PES was due to star Cristiano Ronaldo, not Lionel Messi, but the game’s developers haven’t figured out yet how to recreate petulance convincingly – it just comes out looking like sadness and longing. Hopefully someone at Konami will crack this code in time for PES 2011. What do we know about the new […]

  • The real reason Gareth Barry left Aston Villa (with video evidence) June 3rd, 2009 Aston Villa

    OK, a couple of things: 1) I’ve never seen Gareth Barry celebrate with a rubbish forward flip. He’s way too dull to do something so exuberant. 2) Surely it would take more than a forearm to put down Big John Carew? 3) At least FIFA’s collision detection works. This wouldn’t happen in Pro Evo Soccer, […]

  • Flashback quiz: Can you name this former star midfielder? June 2nd, 2009 Games

    Recognise this ex-player? Face look familiar? Or perhaps you’ve seen those finely tuned knees before? Know the answer? Have a guess and click below to see if you’re right…

  • Lookalike maths: Ryan Stiles + Jeff Boomhauer = ? June 2nd, 2009 Games

    You do the maths… Comedian Ryan Stiles (a Who’s Line Is It Anyway? stalwart) plus Jeff Boomhauer (Hank Hill’s mumbling neighbour from King of the Hill) = which footballer? Answer after the jump…

  • Flashback quiz: Who is this Seventies star? June 1st, 2009 Games

    One point if you can name this former player Face look familiar? Think you know who it is? Answer after the click…

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz August 22nd, 2008 Games

    1. Career path Marconi Stallions, Dynamo Dresden, Kaiserslautern, Bradford City, Middlesbrough, Fulham (current) 2. Multiple choice Who was Man Utd’s club captain before Roy Keane? a) Steve Bruce, b) Bryan Robson, c) Eric Cantona, d) Paul Ince 3. Picture round Who dis? 4. Get shirty Danka, Kejian and One 2 One have all sponsored the […]

  • The Super Shirt Quiz August 19th, 2008 Games

    Name the six clubs. Some shirts are current, others older Answers after the jump…

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz August 15th, 2008 Games

    It’s back! 1. Career path Valerenga, Rosenborg, Valencia, Besiktas, Lyon, Aston Villa (current) 2. Multiple choice In what year was Italy’s Serie A founded? a) 1898, b) 1900, c) 1902, d) 1904 3. Picture round Who dis? (Clue: he has less hair now) 4. Get shirty Danone, Sony, Tamoil and Sky Sports have all sponsored […]

  • Top Six: midfielders you could put in your fantasy football team August 15th, 2008 Games

    Who’s in your engine room? Pies picks six midfielders who will strengthen your fantasy XI 1. Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal) Pros Last season, Cesc added goals to assists. Set to improve this season. If fit, will surely play every league game. Cons Expensive to buy. More after the jump…

  • Top Six: defenders you could put in your fantasy football team August 13th, 2008 Games

    Who’s got your back? Pies picks six defenders who will strengthen your fantasy XI 1. Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd) Pros The best central defender in Europe right now, and plays for the team that conceded fewer goals than any other in the Prem last season. In this era of squad rotation, Fergie doesn’t ever think […]

  • Jose Mourinho picks Steven Gerrard over Frank Lampard (in fantasy football team) August 12th, 2008 Chelsea

    Special One prefers Stevie G to Lamps That’s right folks – when asked by the Daily Telegraph to choose his Fantasy Football XI, Jose Mourinho picked Stevie G in midfield ahead of Frank Lampard. Jose’s other favourite Englishman, John Terry, didn’t make the cut either. Mourinho did select two Chelsea players: Ricardo Carvalho and Michael […]

  • The Super Shirt Quiz August 12th, 2008 Games

    Name the six clubs. Some shirts are current, others older Answers below:

  • Top Six: goalkeepers you could pick in your fantasy football team August 12th, 2008 Games

    Who’s the No.1 name on your fantasy team-sheet? If you are playing a Prem fantasy football competition this season, which goalies should you be scouting? Pies chooses six of the best: 1. Pepe Reina (Liverpool) Pros The Spanish slaphead is established as Rafa’s No.1 stopper, so you know he’ll play in every league game, if […]