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  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz February 9th, 2007 Games

    1 Crewe Alexandra, West Brom, Leeds United, Sheffield United (current). Whose career?2 They used to play at the Manor Ground. Half a point for naming club and half a point for naming the new stadium.3 Picture round. Who is this? 4 Name the three non-English players in the all-time top 10 Premier League goalscorers.5 I […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz October 27th, 2006 Games

    1 Derby County, Blackburn Rovers, Coventry City, Everton (current). Whose career path?2 Which Premiership team does luvvie Kenneth Branagh support?3 Who is this?4 Which was the first British club to wear a shirt with a team sponsor?5 In the film Escape To Victory, what was the final score in the Allies v Nazi match? 6 […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz October 20th, 2006 Games

    My brain hurts (no, it does – I’ve got a bastard of a hangover). 1 Everton, West Ham, Aston Villa, Everton, Portsmouth, Sheffield Utd (current). Which player’s career path?2 Which English stadium makes a cameo appearance in Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ video?3 Who’s this Premiership midfielder? Aw, ain’t he cute. 4 Norwich City finished third in […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz October 13th, 2006 Games

    1 Grimbsy Town, Everton, Sunderland, Burnley, Reading (current). Which journeyman’s career path?2 Which England international starred in a McDonald’s TV advert aged 13?3 Who is this bubble blower? 4 Which European club plays its home games at the Wankdorf Stadium?5 Liverpool, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Chelsea, ______ (2006/7)? Complete the sequence.6 Brazil’s Nelson de Jesus Silva […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz October 6th, 2006 Games

    1 Blsany, Sparta Prague, Rennes, Chelsea (current). Whose career path?2 Who is this Premiership defender? 3 ‘Half my family is black and I feel close to their culture and their colour. I am proud of my black roots and of the black blood that runs in my veins…’ Who said this?4 Which current Premiership manager […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz September 29th, 2006 Games

    It’s that time again. Stop what you’re doing and have a good hard think… 1 Who was the first East German to play for the unified German national side?2 Only one player has appeared for Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool and Everton. Who?3 In the film Spinal Tap, ‘lukewarm’ bassist Derek Smalls wears an English […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz September 22nd, 2006 Games

    You know the drill… 1 Only one current Premiership player has won the club grand slam of Champions League, Uefa Cup, FA Cup and Premiership. Who?2 Who’s the cry baby (see pic, below)?3 Upton Park is actually just the nickname of West Ham’s ground. What’s the official name?4 Dundee United, Derby County, Blackburn Rovers, West […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz September 15th, 2006 Games

    More brain-hurt for your lunch hour… 1 Seven Football League clubs play at home in red-and-white striped shirts. Can you name them all?2 Luton Town, Coventry City, Southampton, Celtic (current club) – which journeyman’s career path?3 Bet24 currently sponsor two English league clubs. Name both teams.4 In which African country was Chelsea’s Claude Makelele born?5 […]

  • The Fiendish Friday Quiz September 8th, 2006 Games

    A little something for your lunch-break. How well do you remember shirt sponsors? One point for the name of the club and a bonus point for filling in the blank… 1 Hafnia, _____,  Danka, One2One2 Thistle Hotels, Packard Bell, _____, Whyte & Mackay3 Holsten, _____, Holsten, Thomson4 Hitachi, Crown Paints, _____, Carlsberg5 Shipstones, _____, Pinnacle, […]