Horror Hair

Horror Hair: Every so often a hairstyle comes along that is worthy of note and/or scorn. Mostly scorn. This way for a comprehensive run-down of the most baffling follicular arrangements ever attempted by professional footballers.

  • Horror Hair: David James (again!) December 6th, 2006 Horror Hair

    David James might have ditched his greasy side-parting, but Horror Hair of that standard doesn’t just disappear over night. The Portsmouth keeper has transformed his Clark Kent look into this backcombed effort, which we must admit is an improvement (although it wasn’t difficult to improve on the previous look). The BBC website has a nice […]

  • Horror Hair – Joleon Lescott December 4th, 2006 Everton

    http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/41711000/jpg/_41711308_lescott203x152.jpg There something going wrong at Everton. The results aren’t bad, and the manager seems like a decent chap… so it can only be one thing. A crap haircut. Step up please Joleon Lescott…

  • Retro Sticker Albums on the Web November 10th, 2006 Horror Hair

    In the days when men were real men… albeit with terrible perms (like the one sported by Graeme Sharp on the left) and bruiser tasches… sticker albums were full of players who didn’t even know what a stylist was, and if they did, they’d probably chin ’em. Well, if you’re getting dewy eyed about the […]

  • Horror Hair: Alexi Lalas and David Beckham – a match made in heaven November 6th, 2006 Horror Hair

    Horror Hair legend Alexi Lalas (pictured then and now) has been swooning over David Beckham – himself no stranger to a bad barnet. Los Angeles Galaxy boss Lalas had admitted he would like to sign to Beckham if he fails to sign a new deal with Real Madrid. He said: "There are thousands of clubs […]

  • Classic Horror Hair: Mark Hateley October 26th, 2006 Horror Hair

    Can anyone remember Mark Hateley having a half-decent haircut at any point during his career? No, me neither! For consistently bad hair, Hateley is right up there with the Horror Hair greats. This horrendous mullet was one of his finest moments. The look is completed by the strange attempt at a parting and… is that […]

  • Horror Hair: Pavel Srnicek September 28th, 2006 Horror Hair

    Newcastle United are set to revive a Premiership Horror Hair classic by re-signing former player Pavel Srnicek. The Czech goalkeeper is training with the Magpies with a view to signing a three-month deal as cover for Steve Harper while Shay Given is injured. Srnicek left the club in 1998 after Given’s arrival. He had been […]

  • Horror Hair: Steven Gerrard September 13th, 2006 Horror Hair

    I wanted to induct Steven Gerrard into the Horror Hair Hall of Fame after the Merseyside derby, but couldn’t find a decent picture… I’ve got him now though! Stevie G is currently sporting what I would like to term the ‘grown-out Ronaldo (circa 2002)‘ to create a true pikey masterpiece. The only improvement I would […]

  • Horror Hair: Wagner Love, Brazil September 6th, 2006 Horror Hair

    Great name (like an Austin Powers villain), terrible hairstyle. I couldn’t find a picture that really does justice to the awfulness of Wagner Love’s hair, but hopefully this gives you the general idea – the front’s fine, but the back is characterised by a mess of spindly blue braids. Nasty. I can imagine the conversation […]

  • Kevin Keegan given ‘the world’s fastest haircut’ August 9th, 2006 Horror Hair

    Trevor Mitchell has just broken his own Guinness record for ‘world’s fastest haircut’, snipping (ho ho) his previous best by 12 seconds to a barely believable 59 seconds. If you’re wondering what this has to do with football, Mitchell’s victim model was none other than Kevin Keegan. The pair have known each other since Mitchell […]

  • Horror Hair classics: Alan Brazil August 7th, 2006 Horror Hair

    The classic ‘Art Garfunkel’, as sported by Alan Brazil in the early 1980s. Jesus Christ, he looks about 45, doesn’t he? And check out the size of that frickin’ Spurs crest. It’s practically the size of Brazil’s head! Btw, I highly recommend a visit to Alan’s MySpace site, which inevitably features the music of Simple […]

  • Jose Mourinho is ‘ready for war’ & wants a short, back and sides for all his players July 26th, 2006 Chelsea

    We recently awarded Jose Mourinho a coveted Horror Hair badge for his new No.1 crop – now he admits he wants his players to adopt the same ‘aggressive’ look – it seems English yob culture is really rubbing off on Chelsea’s manager. Wonder if Jose carries a Stanley knife in the inside pocket of his […]

  • Horror Hair: Jose Mourinho, Chelsea July 19th, 2006 Chelsea

    Blimey, two stressful seasons in the Premiership haven’t done much for poor Jose’s hairline, have they? He’s also much greyer on top than when he first arrived in England. I recommend that the Special One invests in a Special Hat to help keep his head warm throughout the British winter.