Premier League In Hot Water With UEFA Over Merseyside Derby Scheduling

Alan Duffy

13th, March 2012


By Alan Duffy

Ahead of Tuesday night’s Merseyside derby, a game which could see Everton boss David Moyes celebrate his 10th anniversary in charge at Goodison by watching his side leapfrog Liverpool in the league table courtesy of a win, the Scottish FA are making an official complaint about the scheduling of the game.

Only last month,  St Johnstone and Hearts were stopped from switching a Scottish Cup replay to a Thursday because it clashed with Europa League fixtures.  That decision cost both Scottish clubs £82,500 each. However, tonight, the Mersey derby, which is on live TV, will go head to head with Champions League action, which is in direct contravention of UEFA rules.

UEFA themselves are rather irked by the Premier League’s attitude on this matter, with a spokesperson saying:

“The English did not even consult us. The executive committee will now examine the case at the end of the season and sanctions could be taken against them. What these sanctions will be is impossible to say.”

Let’s see whether or not the Euro suits actually act on the English authorities’ bad behaviour. One imagines that, ultimately, they won’t.


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  1. noiz says:

    a couple of games at the exact same time.. the idea.. it’s just unthinkable

  2. js94 says:

    First world problems right here

  3. Andre says:

    Oh heavens no! How dare they intrude on more advertising revenue! Cheap suits are a dime a dozen.

  4. Silvio Di Fede says:

    I’m sorry, but why they are talking now?
    I.E., last week wasn’t the Birmingham vs Chelsea game live on television? Or Tottenham vs Stevenage? And there were also CL matches…
    This is really ridiculous… But UEFA are ridiculous.

  5. Silvio Di Fede says:

    And again, when Zenith or CSKA Moscow played the 1st leg at home, the matches was played at 17.30 (GMT): and here in Italy there were also some Serie A matches (and in Italy all Serie A matches are shown live on tv). Why they don’t say nothing about it?

  6. lfc_man says:

    Did the scottish clubs get fined for playing a match scheduled by the Scottish FA? Shouldn’t the Scottish FA get fined?

  7. DDD says:

    So basically the Scottish are ratting out the English to big daddy UEFA.

  8. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Can someone punch that fucking uncle fucking Platini in the face already?

  9. Glennswfc says:

    Maybe if they played all the first leg games on one week and the second leg games another week, rather than spreading it out over 4 weeks there would be more space in the calender for games like this to fit in

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