Mad Jens Lehmann, Extra-Mad Against Barcelona (With Video Evidence)

Ollie Irish

24th, February 2010

By Ollie Irish

Mad, or just a liability? Either way, Mad Jens somehow escaped from last night’s Champions League game against Barcelona with just one goal against him (scored by Zlatan The Incredible, as you can see in the video above, unless you got here too late and the video has been ripped down from YouTube). The German’s ostentatious flying kick at Carles Puyol’s head was especially bonkers. I love the way he then tried to tousle Puyol’s caveman hair, having just tried to decapitate him, but the Barca captain knew what was coming and ducked out of the way.

As for the game itself, Stuttgart played very well throughout and really tested the reigning champs. Barcelona will still be strong favourites to progress – a score draw is usually a solid result for the away team in the first leg – but on this form, they wouldn’t be my favourites to win it this year.

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