Ejected Polish Side Legia Warsaw Tweet Response To Celtic’s Champions League Exit…

Alan Duffy

26th, August 2014


By Alan Duffy


Poor old Legia Warsaw. After battering Celtic 6-1 over two legs in the 3rd Round of the Champions League qualifiers, they were punished for fielding an ineligible player for the last few minutes of the 2-0 second-leg win.

A 3-0 win was awarded to the Hoops which allowed them to reach the play-off stages, where they would ultimately lose to NK Maribor.

And after that defeat on Tuesday night, Legia Warsaw were quick to voice their opinion on the result!

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  1. Jarren says:

    I thought Celtic would qualify ok, but it appears they truly are just a bit shit.

    If a solid but clearly workmanlike Solvenian side can better the Bhoys in their own backyard, can you IMAGINE what Bayern, Real Madrid, PSG etc would do to them!

    Utter humiliation!

  2. RJ says:

    As the great Rasheed Wallace said, “Ball don’t lie!”

  3. Michaels says:

    You get what you pay for,from coaching staff to players.

    It’s as simple as that.

    Supporters are different,some love to support their team, NO MATTER WHAT, some want special treatment, flairs, banners that show what they think,banners of all sorts’, without a thought of what Celtic supporters who turn up to support a football team week in week out ‘faithfull throught and through, and if they don’t get it leave the team they say they support on the lurch and can now sneer about how things might have been different if they had ‘graced’ the stadium with their appearence and in doing so, sneer at the Bhoys that turned up to support THEIR TEAM and I’m certain some feeling that wee rightious feeling in their hearts that in some perverse way thay are the winners in this fiasco.

    Ï’m sure tonight was a good nights work!

    To the Bhoys Ghirls and children who turned up for that first Big Euroe games, I’m Sorry and I hope this nonsense wases and you will grow up knowing what the CP atmosphere is truely about..






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