Besiktas Fans To Use Sign Language To Perform Champions League’s First Ever ‘Silent Cheer’

Chris Wright

22nd, November 2016



Ahead of Wednesday night’s Champions League fixture, Besiktas are asking their fans to engage in football’s first ever ‘silent cheer’.

In a video posted on their official Twitter account, Besiktas have asked supporters to fall silent for the first minute of the match against Benfica in order to perform a special message using sign language.

The first sign will say “We are all against racism,” while the second sign will be “Black Eagles” – which is the Turkish club’s nickname.

Having previously broken the Champions League record for decibel levels reached inside a stadium (against Liverpool in 2007), Besiktas are now hoping to do the same down at the opposite end of the scale.

Very cool.

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  1. Thanks for posting this.

    I am sorry, excuse my French, but will you guys ever write/type “Beşiktaş” correctly? It may look like a little detail but it is part of showing utter respect truly. It is not rocket science, you know.

  2. Polish lad says:

    Excuse me Beşiktaş Fan but will your fellow colleagues finally learn how to spell Kraków, Poznań or Wrocław while you’re studying abroad in Poland? Adding Polish keyboard layout along Turkish and German is not much of a hassle, right?

  3. Si says:

    @Beşiktaş Fan – Respect…?! Behave. You know what Chris meant, as do I and everyone else who visits this site. No-one cares. As a Turkish person, surely you have more important things to worry about that a couple of missing cedillas on a football blog?

  4. @Polish lad
    We’re not talking about Poland now. We’re talking about a post of this blog.

    I care. People like me care. I don’t need to be taught about what is important or not. For me, this is important. Understood?

  5. Geraldo says:

    That went well…

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