Champions League: PSG Send Letter To UEFA Listing Every Mistake Made By Referee Deniz Aytekin During Barcelona Match

Chris Wright

14th, March 2017



Showing a nigh-on admirable refusal to let it lie, PSG have reportedly cobbled together a list of all the mistakes made by the referee during their Champions League second-leg capitulation against Barcelona and submitted it to UEFA.

According to Le Parisien (who claim to have gleaned their information from MARCA and Gazzetta dello Sport), PSG’s top brass have compiled a list of what they deem to be every error made by referee Deniz Aytekin throughout the duration of the match.

This is likely to make a great noise. PSG sent a letter to UEFA, in which the Qatari management of the club listed the errors of the German referee Deniz Aytekin, (of which there were) nearly fifteen.

By Le Parisien’s admittedly flawed logic, had the mistakes not occurred PSG would have sailed to a “historic rout” at the Camp Nou and earned newfound “respect” among the European footballing elite.

If it’s respect they’re after, then maybe sending a whiny, tear-stained letter to the headmaster isn’t the best way to go about it.

Yes, Barca cheated and conned their way to glory. It’s what they do, and there’s nothing UEFA are willing to do about it.

You’ve just got to accept it and try again next year.

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  1. planet-arium says:

    Why don’t we give each team 2-3 challenges? This is not about PSG, as they didn’t deserve to go through (all Unai Emery had to do with his team was to not let in 6 goals and he didn’t manage that). But I really don’t get the supposed charm of Suarez conning himself to victory, as he has always done. Diving in the box ought to be straight red.

  2. VieuxSang says:

    …To Glory? Nothing glorious about dishonesty, especially on that scale. Accepting that behavior does nothing but soothe them for the next try. What about the youth who follow them? Is dishonesty acceptable as long as it comes on a regular basis? This is to be discouraged from all teams, regardless of whether I like them or not. Enough of the distractions, let’s play some football.

  3. Begbie says:

    Planet-arium is right. A video-ref and 2 or 3 challenges allowed per team for offenses in the box and bookings would solve this quickly. Let’s see if Suarez and Neymar would dare to dive if they know PSG could ask for an instant re-run in slo-mo from a few angles.

  4. Steve says:

    Challenges would work. The game could even continue while an official checked it and messaged the main referee.

    And I’ve always thought that if a player goes down in “pain” and the play stops they must sit on the sidelines for a mandatory 5-10-whatever minute break. That would end all the fake writhing too.

    • Dr. No says:

      Unfortunately, this would encourage player attacks intended to give one side a numerical advantage, and taken to the extreme, only one player would be left on the pitch, in perpetual offside play.

      Mandating time out of play would also encourage players to continue playing while (legitimately) injured. It’s a penalty for an event outside of a player’s control.

      • Dr. No says:

        I may have misinterpreted the offside rule. One player would be left and would just score st will. I think.

  5. Dr. No says:

    My name says it all. If you prefer, you may just call me No.

  6. Ralph says:

    all of these suggestions are so american lol

  7. SomeFrenchGuy says:

    Nah I think they’re actually trying to look like big boys so that they’ll be the ones to be helped in a few years when they’ll need it to progress in the CL

  8. Maria says:

    Challenges isn’t a particularly good idea. The review system in Test Cricket gets abused from time to time.

    Automatic video replay for instances when the game has stopped anyway (penalty awarded for a dive, goal allowed/disallowed for offside) and all the players are remonstrating with the ref is better. No time is lost and you get the right decision.

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