‘Jamie Vardy Is A Cheat’ – Samir Nasri Not Happy Bunny After Attempted Mind-Meld With Leicester Striker Backfires Horribly

Chris Wright

16th, March 2017



Samir Nasri has flat-out accused Jamie Vardy of cheating after the Sevilla midfielder was sent off for attempting an unsolicited mind-meld with the Leicester City striker during Tuesday night’s Champions League clash.

Both players were shown yellow cards after the intense static discharge caused by rubbing their foreheads together caused Vardy to half-topple backwards.

Unfortunately for Nasri, it was his second caution of the match, thus he wound up watching the remainder of the game on his own in the tunnel like a naughty child…

Speaking in the cold light of day, Nasri was left fuming by the whole sorry ordeal:

For me he (Vardy) is a cheat because if he was a foreign player you, the English press, would be saying he’s a cheat.

They were winning 2-0, play the game like a man. You are not better than us but you are winning 2-0 and will qualify, just play the game.

Vardy then exercised his right to reply by lying through his teeth:

I’m not a cheat and I never have been. That’s all I’ve got to say on the matter.

A spokesman for Leicester then added:

The club refutes entirely any allegation that questions the professional integrity of Jamie or any of its players.


For the record, Jamie Vardy is a cheat. He cheats all the time.

In fact, there is quite a lot of irrefutable footage that shows him cheating on a nigh-on weekly basis.

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  1. Football football says:

    All footballers are cheats though, even Nasri. If saying it makes him feel better, then it’ll just get forgotten about in few weeks time. No one cares about Suarez driving anymore.

    • Geraldo says:

      @Football football I never cared about Suarez driving in the first place; however his diving left a lot to be desired.

  2. RI says:

    Sorry have to agree with Nasri’s comments. If it was the other way round many would be drying foul by Nasri (foreign player).

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry have to agree with Nasri’s comments. If it was the other way round many would be crying foul by Nasri (foreign player).

  3. Jamir Vasri says:

    Anyone who moans doesn’t realise that this is part of the modern game. Few players are honest; everyone claims for decisions to go their way, everyone “plays” to draw fouls/advantages, everyone over reacts to being touched.

    This is nothing new. Nasri got played. Stop singling out one player.

    • Pommy says:

      Vardy’s reaction was footballing gamesmanship. I don’t think it’s fair for WAATP to single out Vardy and call him a cheat. This is an issue across the whole football.

      It’s not like he did a Rivaldo and went down holding his face – THAT’s cheating.

  4. James Taylor says:

    Nasri didn’t start playing football yesterday. He knew he was on a yellow card and knows Vardy is the type to try and wind up opponents. And yet he fell for it. He has no-one to blame but himself.

  5. Paul says:

    Nasri can’t play the hardman and not expect to get punished, much like when he got caught f**king around and those hilarious tweets appeared… If you’re going to do stupid things then accept the consequences.

    Vardy played for the advantage, and quite rightly. e.g. much like a player who has felt minimal contact will go down even though the force isn’t enough… In todays footballing terms this is deemed fair because there was “some contact”.

    A foul (or violent conduct in this case) is just that and Nasri, as well as Vardy both warranted their respective yellow cards. Please calm it down with the personal opinions Chris.

  6. Si says:

    @Paul – Chris is not saying that only Vardy cheats. Just that he does. Vardy exaggerated the contact, feigning agony and insinuated that more contact was made than it was. That is, by definition, cheating, as it is deceiving the referee. Which everyone knows happens at every ground and every week. That does not make it any more acceptable though, does it?

    • Wrighty says:

      Sorry Si, but Chris is clearly targeting Vardy as he hasn’t written anything about other players cheating. Deigo Costa, Suarez, Neymar, Ronaldo, just to pick a few, have all done much worse antics than Vardy.

      The title begins with “Vardy is a cheat” – he could’ve left that bit out, and the post clearly concludes by saying “Vardy then exercised his right to reply by lying through his teeth” and “Vardy is a cheat”. He is definitely targeting him.

      In the end, both Nasri and Vardy were yellow carded – that was the right outcome. This post was only written because it was Nasri’s second yellow – but there’s definitely emphasis on Vardy written here.

      There was an incident last week where Sterling was fouled in the box and he stayed on his feet; pundits then said “he should’ve gone down”. Footballers react the way they do because of the way the game is officiated.

      • Chris Wright says:

        @Si and Wrighty: Vardy cheats in literally every game he plays in, be it diving, throwing himself around, mouthing off, provocation, etc. It’s what inferior players do to level the playing field.

        Sadly, this kind of despicable one-upsmanship is an epidemic in the top levels of professional football. What’s more it seems to be tolerated as a begrudged necessity these days.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re butt hurt that Vardy can use his brain and the rules for his teams advantage. Gtfo with your cheating talk unless you are willing to write an article addressing barcelonas champions league campaigns.

        • Wrighty says:

          Every player does what you have described though.

          Unfortunately, football isn’t blessed with any real class/politness, and that extends beyond the players, with the toxicity in its fans, and corruption in officials.

          More to the point, I still really think it was unfair to target a single footballer when players do this (and much worse) on a weekly basis.

          I’m sure next week it will be forgotten about as more incidents arise. The lure/loath of football.

  7. Jarren says:

    Vardy is being singled out for the most obvious of reasons.

    He’s English.

    And English players are expected to play fair. It’s historically been the South American & Southern European players who cheat, so a belief that the English players are above that has grown.

    Sadly, this is 2017 and not 1997. England players are now just as savvy to underhand tactics as the Brazilians & Spanish.

    The days of having a team of Stuart Pearce style player is long gone.

    Hopefully this will all reach a boiling point and players will slowly go back to actually playing with skill and determination, and not with the deceit and sleekedness that has become accepted.

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