Pardon Me For Being Prude: Wolf Nipples On Roma Badge Censored On Iranian TV For Being Too Gosh-Darned Racy (Photo)

Chris Wright

5th, April 2018


Embed from Getty Images

Turns out that Daniele De Rossi’s scorching own-goal wasn’t the only obscene aspect of Roma’s 4-1 defeat against Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday night.

Thankfully, fans watching the match on Iranian state television were spared the exposure to the Italian club’s overtly graphic club crest.

Thankfully, the Voice & Vision channel took the necessary precaution of blurring out the female wolf teats so brazenly depicted on the Giallorossi’s badge…

Image: Voice& Vision TV/Mehdi Rostampour

Granted, it’s a fairly grim scene to have on your badge, but the Romulus and Remus myth of Rome’s foundation dates back several thousand years and Roma have proudly sported it upon their bosom for almost 100 of them.

Oh bugger, did we just say ‘bosom’? …And ‘bugger’? The saintly censors are going to be coming after Pies next.

Oh nipples, we’re in trouble now.