Referee Kuipers told Paredes to ‘f**k off’ – claims PSG’s Herrera

Embarrassing: Just look at the state of PSG’s whining babies

PSG shithouse Leandro Paredes was sworn at by the Dutch ref Bjorn Kuipers during Tuesday’s Champions League semi-final second leg defeat at Man City, according to his shithouse team-mate Ander Herrera.

“We talk about respect with referees – the referee tonight said ‘fuck off’ to Leandro Paredes,” Herrera told the French media outlet RMC Sport. “If we say that we get a three- or four-match ban.”

Herrera’s team-mate Marco Verratti said in his post-match interview that he was also on the end of Kuipers’ verbals. Aw, poor little millionaires, how will they recover from this trauma.

If this is true, big up Bjorn for his part in revealing PSG once again as a bunch of soft-centred crybabies who don’t like it up ’em.

PSG head coach Mauricio Pochettino said he believed his players (what else is he supposed to say): “I didn’t hear anything from the touchline,” Poch said. “If something is there and is how they explained, maybe Uefa will investigate the situation. But now that’s not an excuse I can put in front of you … the most important thing is we’re not in the final and that’s why we feel really sad.”

No one outside of Paris feels sad, Mauricio.

Match highlights: Man City 2-0 PSG

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  1. Omar says:

    Even in Paris, I’m overjoyed they’re out of the CL 😂😂😂
    A few ppl in Doha might feel sad though

  2. Nuno says:

    “If we say that we get a three- or four-match ban.” If this was true, most PSG players would be banned for a year, with the amount of whining they did the whole game – the way they were protesting, pretty sure they said much worse.

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