‘In The Press Room, He’s The F**king Chief’ – Pep Succumbs To Mourinho’s Mind Games?

Chris Wright

27th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

Has he cracked? From the outside looking in, it seems as though Pep Guardiola may just have let Jose Mourinho’s barbs and burrs start to get under his skin – especially if his reaction at last night’s pre-‘Champions League semi-final Clasico’ presser was anything to go by.

Earlier in the day, Mourinho accused his Barca counterpart of being the founding member of a one-man group that criticises referees when they make good decisions – referring to Pedro’s disallowed goal in the Copa del Rey final being chalked off for offside.

This all came after Mourinho, upon finding out that German Wolfgang Stark was to officiate, leapt upon Pep’s assumption that the Real coach would be ‘super happy’ if UEFA appointed a Portuguese ref as originally planned.

Guardiola duly responded…

For those who aren’t fluent in the Catalan vernacular:

“Wednesday at 8.45pm we will meet each other on the pitch. Off the pitch he has already won.

“In this (press room), he’s the f**king chief, the f**king man, the person who knows everything about the world and I don’t want to compete with him at all.

“It’s a type of game I’m not going to play because I don’t know how.

“I won’t justify my words. I congratulated Madrid for the cup that they won deservedly on the pitch and against a team that I represent and of which I feel very proud.”

“Off the pitch, he has already won, as he has done all year. On the pitch, we’ll see what happens.”

“If you think that his allegation that I always complain about the referees is true after you’ve all heard form me over the last three years, well there’s nothing I can do. Off the pitch there’s nothing we can do to fight that.”

“Do you think the players will run more because I’ve spoken to Jose through the cameras? It’s the Champions League semi-finals. The players won’t be motivated by this, they know what I think about everything associated with this game.”

Yep, he’s cracked.

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  1. Ged says:

    When Rafa/Pep speaks out the crack up. When bacon face and mou does it, it’s genius. Funny that.

  2. chrisallen says:

    Visca Barca! god, i hope they wipe the floor with madrid and mourinho today. he’s such a twat, so glad Barca are (hopefully) going to make both Jose and Cristiano cry…

  3. CFC_Jay says:

    Chris, did he really say “he’s the f**king chief, the f**king man”?? lol!!

  4. me says:

    special mouth always cry about the refrees .. but when it comes to his team he doesn’t comment ! when he was with inter last year the ref helped his team going trough ..
    he mentioned what happened on the stamford bridge 2 years ago as proof , of course he wouldn’t say anything about the first leg in camp nou and how the ref helped chelsea a lot ..
    sometimes ppl should treat him the same way .

  5. Torresmos says:

    I speak some spanish and he said “es el puto jefe, el puto amo”. It doesn´t translate to “he’s the f**king chief, the f**king man”. Not that there is a direct translation here by the way.
    I reckon it´s more along the lines of “in here (press room), he´s the top boss, the top master”… although “puto” is an informal expression, seldom used in these contexts, it can´t be translated to “f**kin”… more like “he´s the bloody boss, the bloody master” perhaps..

  6. Soccer Professional says:

    This Guardiola guy really needs to tidy his game up.
    He is representing soccer on a global level in a build up to one of the most important games in world soccer right now, including in the U.S.

    He should be more mature about his approach and think about the effect this may have on young soccer players at little league level and, indeed, impressionable youths everywhere.

    We, as soccer fans, shouldn’t be treated with this invasive foul language in our own homes through television broadcasts.

  7. Nuno says:

    @Soccer Professional
    And we, as FOOTBALL fans, shouldn’t be treated with this invasive foul language: soccer…

  8. nat says:

    How the heck is that being pissed? He was calm and composed, he knew what he was saying, and like that other guy said it does not translate to f***ing at all. He admits he can’t beat Mou at mind games, and that is saying something. Hope Barca get their revenge.

  9. Chris also says:

    @Soccer Professional
    It was never funny and now it’s just getting irritating – like the guy with his pleas for twitter followers.

  10. Nick Sincere says:

    There’s more to it than this, Sid Lowe has more on it in the Guardian. It seems that Guardiola responded as such because Moaninho made a direct accusation against G by name and made it more personal.


  11. dc says:

    A: He’s speaking Spanish, not “the Catalan vernacular.”

    B: He’s responding to Mou’s personal attack on him and could not be more casual about putting Mou in his place.

    C: “He’s the fucking Chief” does not have the same vulgar effect in Spanish as it does in English. The word “puta/o” appears in Spanish language television uncensored every day. It’s used for emphasis or comedic effect, not vulgarity.

  12. Soccer Professional says:

    @Chris also
    What are you talking about “funny”?
    I’m sorry if you are offended that I don’t like foul language and that I don’t think children should be exposed to bad behavior… Grow up buddy.

  13. Helena says:

    Hi! I’m from Spain, and a Barça supporter. Guardiola has a lot of patience, but I understand that he answers like that sometimes. “puto amo” maybe in english is fucking master or boss, but, like some of you said, it’s like saying the best, but in a funny and “modern” way, like something you heard in Tarantino movies. It’s not anything very strong, we don’t write “p**** amo”, you can say puto in Spain. Maybe it’s weird for Guardiola, but really, I like him more today, he’s sexier…

  14. CMDG says:

    Soccer professional is such a twat lol

  15. Paul McGuigan says:

    @ Nuno
    Well said, mate!

  16. dc says:

    SOCCER PROFESSIONAL, As Aziz Ansari might say, You Must Be Kinda Stupid… “puta” does not mean “fucking.” if anything, you should be criticising the english speaking media for translating it incorrectly.

    in fact, one of the main papers IN BARCELONA used the same word ON THE FRONT PAGE: http://www.sport.es/es/noticias/barca/20110427/messi-puto-amo/986636.shtml

    Don’t criticize when you don’t know what youre talking about

  17. Luke says:

    Please Soccer Professional. Fuck off.

  18. Soccer Professional says:


    Please point out to me where I stated that “puta” means “fucking”.
    (You may have a hard time doing that because it never happened)

    Please pay more attention to detail and have the respect to read and understand peoples’ comments before disparaging them.

    And to all other people mocking me, I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are, so please respect my opinions instead of just making childish remarks.

    If you disagree with something, say why. Don’t just make silly remarks. The world would be a much better place if we all did this in our day to day lives. There would be much less violence.

  19. crofty says:

    @Soccer Professional

    You are indeed entitled to your opinion, however you are also an utter bellend

  20. Anonymous says:

    @SoccerProfessional, this is a man’s game. If the children want to watch they must deal with a mans world. Theres no coddling in the pro game at the top level mate. Emotions and passion are part of this game and every game. If your ears and these ‘little league level’ ears are so sensitive they can watch on mute….or perhaps change the channel, I like my game the way it is.

  21. Josie says:

    I don’t know if the clash between SoccerProfessional and some on this board is cultural or not. He/she uses the term “soccer” so unless he/she corrects me I’m wondering if they are American.

    In certain circles in America, profanity is not considered cool. There is a 5 minute delay in American broadcasts of Barclay’s Premier League matches in order to bleep out the profanity that is shouted out from the crowd, the staff on the touchline and from the chants/songs from the crowds.

    In Europe profanity is not as big of a deal as in the US. So I think that it is futile to go back and forth and arguing a point that is a being viewed through the filters of either culture.

    Although I may not necessarily agree with SoccerProfessional and he/she does have a right to hisher opinion. Having said this, if they have a right to his opinion and he places it in a public forum that has a large European audience, they should expect to get flamed for it and except that it is the other posters right to do so.

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