Fans Forgo Supermodel Sex For Champions League Glory – Survey Says

Paul Sorene

25th, May 2011


DID you know that 52% of men would give up a “date” with a supermodel to see their side win the Champions League Final? Heineken has done the research. Of course, the question should not be ‘would you give up a date with a top model to see your team win the Cup’, but:

“If you decline Adriana Lima’s offer to date (shag) her, your team will win the Champions’ League once in the next three seasons. Do you shag her?”

It’s all in the question. Asking a Blackpool fan if he wants to shag a top babe or watch his side win the Champions League is akin to arguing which of Rebecca Loos or Vicotia Beckham is posher.

Anyhow, without further ado, the top ten life events that men from around the world would be willing to miss to see their team win are as follows:

1. A friend’s stag-party (62%)

2. A date with a girlfriend/wife (58%)

3. Meeting a girlfriend’s parents for the first time (55%)

4. An important meeting with the boss (48%)

5. A mother’s birthday (46%)

6. Best – Man’s duties (44%)

7. Wedding anniversary (44%)

8. Girlfriend’s birthday (44%)

9. University Graduation Ceremony (43%)

10. An important hospital appointment (43%)

For what it’s worth, I once went to a huge family do on the occassion of the 1978 World Cup final. Many of the famaily there were Dutch. The evening was horrible…

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  1. Sex God says:

    ah yes, Adriana Lima.

    a truly undisputed Sex Goddess

  2. Manolo Garnix says:

    As a Fan of a Team (SC Freiburg) that never won anything I’d give up everything on this list on the same day just to see us win the national cup.
    Sounds desperate? well everything on this list (Lima included) is more likely than us winning a damn trophy.

  3. D says:

    Only 55% would rather watch their team at the CL finals rather than meet the girlfriends parents? Wtf.. were the girlfriends around when these questions were asked?!

  4. King Eric says:

    CL final AND Adriana Lima at half time, now that’s an interesting thought (Would probably want longer than 15 minutes though!)

  5. dave says:

    eh? what dumbass 45% would rather meet their girlfriends parents? must be on a leash, they need to learn how to smack a bitch.

  6. V says:

    Manolo Garnix, at first I was like “eheh, lol XDDDDD” but then as you went on I got like “Hhuh? :\\\” and in the end I was totally sobbing..

  7. Kevin says:

    Surprised those percentages are all so low!

    Most guys would prefer a shag with a girl who knew how to give them a good time rather than a top model who is all make-up and stuck-up!

  8. unitedFixation says:

    Meeting a girlfriend’s parents for the first time – 55 % …. holy crap !!! Id do that for my team to win the Carling Cup …

  9. Mushi says:

    I would take Adriana any day!

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