‘Arrogant, Bozz-Eyed Joke Of A Manager’ – Ex-Blackpool Defender Ian Evatt Not Much Of A Paul Ince Fan…

Chris Wright

22nd, January 2014


By Chris Wright

It would appear that former Blackpool centre-half Ian Evatt, now at Chesterfield, is not much of a fan of Paul Ince – especially if the way Evatt trumpeted the news of Ince’s recent sacking-by-text at Bloomfield Road is anything to go by, branding the man who released him back in the summer as an “arrogant, bozz-eyed joke of a manager”…


Don’t sugar coat it Ian lad, tell us how you really feel.

(Image via 101GG)

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  1. EDub says:

    Hahah … bozz-eyed? One of my favorite parts of following English footy is hearing all of the funky slang.

  2. Arry says:

    Well said Evatt! How this pillock was ever employed is beyond me – he’s far more interested in helping his sign stuff his pockets full of as much money as possible than working in the best interests of the club. There’s probably a sunday league team out there in need of a manager, just about your level Paul.

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