Leeds United: Young Fan Forced To Contend With Ridiculously Long Middle Name (Thanks To Howard Wilkinson!)

Chris Wright

3rd, November 2015

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Spare a thought for 22-year-old student Dominic Cazaux, who has his Leeds United-obsessed parents to thank for one of the most spectacular full names we’ve ever stumbled across.

Dominic is Scottish, but was born into a family of slightly insane Leeds supporters and thus goes by the official name of ‘Dominic Andrew Lukic Newsome Fairclough Whyte Dorigo McAllister Batty Strachan Speed Chapman Cantona Cazaux’.

Those with a keen grasp of pre-Premier League history may have noticed that poor old Dom has the surnames of each of the 1991/92 First Division title-winning Leeds first team supplanted within his official, legal name.

Dominic explained the situation to the Yorkshire Evening Post:

My parents wrote to the manager of Leeds United, that was Howard Wilkinson at the time, to ask him for his permission to use the names and after asking the players, he wrote back and said yes.

Regardless of whether they had won the league or not that year, I think it was always going to happen.

The name was something I became aware of when I was about six. At school most people loved it, apart from a few people at high school.

Sometimes I feel I want to get rid of it and be normal but other times I just think it’s what makes me unique.

It’s something different and I’m proud of it.

However, having such a lengthy moniker does come with it’s own inevitable pitfalls.

It has caused me some problems in the past, for example when I have to put my full name on certain documents.

So, when I was doing some exams at school, I would have to write out my full name. I didn’t get any extra time to do the exam, though.

One look at the poor bugger’s birth certificate reveals what an ordeal that must have been. Yeesh.

The most awkward bit? Turns out our Dominic is an Arsenal fan.

(Many thanks to Pies fan Blake for the tip-off!)