Fabregas: Chelsea ‘average’ without Drogba

Ollie Irish

8th, December 2009



“You sir, are a fucking disgrace.”

“Mmm hmm. So sue me.”

Much tabloid chatter this morning about Cesc Fabregas’s Chelsea quote:

“An average team that has the best striker in the world can always do something and Didier Drogba makes all the difference to them. Without him, their team would not be the same.”

Looks like Chelsea have really gotten under Fabregas’s skin after their 3-0 win over the Gunners at the Emirates.

I disagree with Cesc on this one. Of all the so-called Big Four, I’d say Chelsea can cope without their best striker much better than United (Rooney), Arsenal (Van Persie) and Liverpool (Torres). Mostly because Chelsea’s second-best striker is Nicolas Anelka, who is a marked improvement on players like Dimitar Berbatov, Eduardo and David Ngog.

Of course, at the end of the day, this is the perfect example of how to spin a fairly harmless quote into a back-page story. Fabregas stated the obvious – ‘team not as good without best player’ shock – and the tabloids have naturally turned it into a feud between Arsenal’s captain and Chelsea. Don’t buy it.

Fletch says:


“I was doing a whites wash the other day and I found Fabregas in the pocket of ma shorts! Tiny he was, like a wee Star Wars figure. I posted him back to London sharpish.”

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  1. Pete says:

    Yeah, the ‘an average team missing the best striker in the world’ suggestion is hypothetical. He isn’t actually saying Chelsea have an average team.

    Much like Wenger wasn’t saying Drogba does nothing. The full quote on that occasion was actually a compliment of how Drogba can seem quiet for a while and then pop up and do something deadly, like Cantona used to.

    The problem with giving ten lines to the media is that they’ll pick five words out of context and spin a new headline.

  2. sairam says:

    fabregas.. that was just silly!! I know Chelsea aren’t as powerful without Drogs.. But come Jan. I think the chelsea team will prove you wrong by winnning each other their matches without the african players!
    On the other hand.. Remove Torres and Gerrard from L’pool and they just suck lol!
    Same with your own team.. remove RVP and yourself.. what do u have? a bunch of kids who wenger claims are good enough to win matches lol!
    As for ManU.. They are little better off and can manage a little without Rooney!

  3. jet li says:

    anelka is beter than berbatov? what world are you living in?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Same as u dumbutt
    3 Sun 15:00 FACP H Watford Won 5-0 40,912
    16 Sat 15:00 PREM H Sunderland Won 7-2 41,776
    23 Sat 12:45 FACP A Preston North End Won 0-2
    3 and O baby!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dump ass i think chelsea can do without Drogba.Villa was thrashed by chelsea without Drogba.Unlike man u who lost 2 Chelsea & Bayern as a result of Rooney’s injury.Arsenal was also thrashed by Barca due 2 R.V.P’s injury.
    So shut up.

  6. yourmotha says:

    LOL you spoke too early..now drogba is injured look at chealsea..lol..

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