Know Your Champions League Final Venue – Beautiful Photos Of The Allianz Arena In All Its Splendour

Chris Wright

26th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

The Allianz Arena, decked out in a stately ‘Chelsea blue’

Set back and bite down on something folks, because there’s a whole shedload of Allianz Arena comin’ right at you! That’s right, we’re talking all 66,000 seats, all 106 VIP boxes, all 9,800 parking spaces (largest four-storey Esplanade car park in Europe baby!), all 232 floodlights and all of the 1,056 chameleon-like illuminated panels that go into making up the Allianz Arena in Munich: Bayern’s home and, conveniently for them, also the venue for this year’s Champions League Final on May 18th.

This way for a cavalcade of beautiful photos of the Allianz from both inside and out – the first four of which are incredibly detailed infographics which are well worth a once-over (click through on any photo to view the full-sized, hi-res image)…

We’ve also got a slideshow of the Allianz in all it’s multicoloured finery – including the colours of a couple of clubs that UEFA would probably have preferred to see contesting their showpiece come mid-May…

Ain’t she pretty?