Snapshot: Chelsea Are The 2012 Champions League Winners!

By Chris Wright


Conclusions and reactions up shortly!

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  1. Rob says:

    Congratulations Wimbledon

  2. Peter says:

    Troll at the top right corner

  3. goodjobchelsea says:

    is it just me or did bosingwa ruin the trophy celebrations?

  4. SS says:

    Bosingwa is the real troll. It looks like he’s captain and lifting up the trophy. He tried to do the some thing with the FA cup!!!

  5. Liam says:

    Is that Barrack Obama lifting the trophy ?

  6. Milkchew says:

    @ goodjobchelsea

    EXACTLY what I thought.

  7. critic says:

    what a pathetic photo. The real deserving candidates like drogba, cech and cole, lampard to some extent are no where to be seen!! chelsea might be champions but in the end they are a bunch of twats….

    If i was chelsea fan i would boo bosingwa when he returns to stamford bridge.

  8. critic says:

    mereles, bosingwa, ferrera,luiz,kalou,torres??? who the fuck are they?

  9. Toz says:

    You would boo Bosingwa for lifting the cup…are, you an idiot?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fuck ye enemies of chelsea

  11. Adam says:

    Bosingwa was embarrassing – he was literally trying to grab the trophy out of everyone else’s hands n be the centre of every photo. He even had to be the first to climb on top of the hoardings to be above the rest of his team . muppet.

    I bet terry n lampard dreamed of this photo – you can’t even see them!!!

  12. Toji says:

    Bosingwa has every right to be lifting that trophy along with the other players. He’s definitely not one of our best players; but he was in tears after the game and you could really see what it meant to him. He put in one of his best performances last night!

  13. Anabelle says:

    You have to give it to Chelsea. They played against Barcelona. BARCELONA!!! and won. Torres scored an winning amazing goal.

    When playing Bayern, Chelsea were the underdogs, playing a team favorite to win, in Germany, at their opponents stadium.

    And yet, they won. They played their hearts out. Congratulations Chelsea. And to the jealous losers spouting stupidities, suck on it. Suck it long and suck it hard.

  14. Ali says:

    To all the Chelsea haters out there………..Screw each and every single one of you… COME ON CHELSEAA!!! let’s keep the trophies coming, proud to be a chelsea Blues fan

  15. Robbie says:

    Annabelle likes this sucking malarky I see

  16. chimpo says:

    all the above… i dont give a monkeys- we’re champions. you make your own luck. we’ve beaten barca over two legs and bayern at their home in the final.

    dont care who lift the trophy, weve won the fucker


  17. Jarren says:

    Well done Chelsea!

    They had to work very hard for it, and you have to feel a lot of sympathy for Bayern who really did deserve it in equal measure (if not more so).

    Even still, that was a fitting end to an amazing season of football.

    Oh wait, there’s the Euros next month!

    What’s the odds on England actually winning something, given the mentalness of this season?

  18. brandon says:

    Anyone notice how Lampard got completely blocked out of the photo by Bosingwa?

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