Armchair Gaffer: Time to drop Petr Cech? Or sell him?

Ollie Irish

15th, December 2009



It’s getting to the stage with Petr Cech where an increasing number of Chelsea fans are saying it’s time to either drop him, or even sell him (the latter is crazy talk, in my opinion).

Cech is still a very good keeper, but he has made a few major errors in recent games, resulting in jeers from some of his own supporters.

I don’t think he helps himself by continuing to wear the padded helmet. Keepers need to be big and strong, or at least appear so; Cech is big and strong but wearing the helmet is, frankly, a sign of weakness that opponents will continue to look to capitalise on, especially from set pieces.

Reports today claim that Chelsea are interested in signing Rob Green from West Ham, but there is no substance to the rumour and I don’t think Green would be an improvement on Cech.

What will Carlo Ancelotti do? I think the Italian will persist with Cech. But the Czech is running out of lives at the Bridge.

What would you do? Would you continue to pick Cech, drop him or put him on the transfer list?

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  1. ezekiel ndukui says:

    to share out my contribution, I am a supporter of chelsea from Kenya. Sincerely speaking i am also unhappy of the Cech form. I propose he be relegated to position two or three and have Hilario as first choice keeper for he is good.

  2. hanan says:

    i am a chelsea fan from ghana but petr cech does not perform well these season

  3. tommy g says:

    petrs still one of the worlds greatest, but his form and confidence reflects that of the team- theyve all been jumpy and unassured- the 3 goals vs everton were a mixture of nervy deep defending and just plain old flukey bad luck, the only error hes made recently was taking a misstep before the tevez free kick
    the mans been exceptional and has looked fine for the rest of the season, when we get our teams mentality back into the right gear, hell continue to do an excellent job
    this ‘bad’ run of form has only arisen after the carling cup exit, and thats what its all about- psychology. well put this episode behind us soon enough and begin to have faith in our squads ability again, cos we have bags of it… did you see our goals on saturday? glorious!

  4. braatksi says:

    Cech is well off form. C’mon I’ll swap for you for Manuel Almunia… please pretty please…

  5. hanan says:

    thouth i know cech is a very good keeper but these season i think he likes moving from the pole for the ball for that matter he will not gain from it secondly we should not exchange carlvalho for vannistelroy be we dont have a defender like carvalho again for his position i think boss should let alex start chelsea vs potmouth tommorow thank you very to let these comments reach carlo boss ancelotti and wilkins thank you very much by hanan from ghana, tamale

  6. Andy says:

    Cech has no one to push him for his position right now. We need to sign a better quality back up keeper to keep Cech on his toes. Right now his position isnt under threat because Hilario and Turnbull are just so far behind him in terms of quality.

  7. hanan says:

    january transfer for chelsea 1 aguero,di maria,hamsik,van der vaat,drenthe,pato, luis fabiano,diego,green,villa,silva,marcelo,by hanan from ghana tamale

  8. hanan says:

    chelsea should not sell cech ,and also let shevchenko come back to chelsea and let kakuta start vs potmouth

  9. baren says:

    I may say we need to back Cech and give him support couse there’s a few number only keeper at his standard. So, if we lost one games because of him it doesnt meant he have no quality. Believe in me that other team always waiting for Chelsea to ‘free’ him. Furthermore who going to repalce him……….

  10. This isn’t just a blip. Did anyone else watch Czech Republic’s exit from Euro 2008?

    I’ve been saying for a while Cech is the most overrated keeper in the league and he’s consistently made mistakes since the Hunt incident. Go back to this time two years ago and he was flailing around at a cross and allowing Gallas to score for Arsenal. Nothing’s changed.

    Green for me would be a small, tiny improvement. Not worth bothering with. There’s two quality keepers in the world right now – Buffon and Casillas – were I Chelsea I’d wait on one of them.

  11. ConorC879 says:

    Are you all forgeting Hugo lloris ?
    He’s young and experienced
    for me he’s the nest casilas as he isn to tall but still fantastic!!
    Watch his performance against Liverpool or Ireland and you’ll understand
    but still keep cech as sub and sell hilario :/

  12. Ollie says:

    Good shout on Lloris – brilliant whenever I’ve seen him. Less spectacular than Casillas but gets the job done.

  13. ChelseaFan Holland says:

    Maybe Akinfeev of CSKA Moskva is a good option to buy.
    Cech is still a good goalkeeper. BUT! He is very weak in the air, I think he is still afraid.

  14. Rita Marley says:

    I think Ancelotti should rest him on Wednesday game against Portmouth for him to rediscover himself. He is now shocked some fans booed him last Saturday, he needs a psychologist at the moment. I think he is still among the top keepers in the World. Let’s give him some time if he continues to blip then i think he should be replaced with Hilario.

  15. DC says:

    Buffon and Casillas? Are you kidding me? Buffon maybe but he hasnt been phenomenal, normal at the most, and Casillas is in the same boat as Cech right now as far as Im concerned. Doesnt have much of a defense in front of him at Madrid but the two goals he let in this past weekend were awful, one where he half assed dived at Villa and the other which was 3rd division keeping at best. on another note, nearly all of the goals on Cech recently have involved a set piece where hes yelling at his defense to hold a high line, or calling a defender off the ball(saha goal) which were largely the defenses faults, though he could have still done a lot to stop them. i love how english football culture manages to emphasize a few good plays and a few bad plays from players and forget about all the rest of the time where players often played very differently than a superficial view would suggest

  16. Hirsty says:

    Cech is still class. Goalkeepers’ mistakes are always more pronounced. If they were to bring in someone else (Buffon maybe, Casillas is absurd), it should be Akinfeev, but I think he’ll go to Man U instead.

  17. Kesh says:

    One Solution for Cech’s problem Take his muta fucking head cap of then he will be pro. Its the truth

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