The Verdict Is In: John Terry Found Not Guilty Of Racist Abuse

Chris Wright

13th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

And lo, after months on end of wrangling and days and days of grown men asking other grown men to repeat the word ‘c*nt’ over and over again in court, the verdict is in…

“John Terry has been found not guilty on charges of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.”

Here’s a couple of select excerpts from Guardian journo David Conn’s transcript of Chief magistrate Howard Riddle’s (The Riddler to his friends) verdict:

“Even with all the help received, it is impossible to be sure exactly what were the words spoken by John Terry at the relevant time.”

“John Terry’s account has been subject to the most thorough questioning. Nobody has been able to prove he is lying. Terry was a credible witness. It is a crucial fact that nobody has given evidence about what Mr Terry said or how he said it.”

So there you go.

In potted terms, Terry may well have said what we all saw him say, but there’s no way to prove the context in which he said it. The man’s been proven innocent in a court of law – not that that’ll stop the baiting any time soon.

And life goes on…

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  1. Flyer says:

    Complete joke, he said Ferdinand had no reason to lie, if hes not lying then Terry could not have stated it as a denial and thus it was used as a racial insult.

    Now watch the FA let him off as well.

  2. Mr Sensible says:


  3. One England Captain says:

    Now this is all over can we have an investigation into why footballers in this country are so unimaginative when insulting each other please. Your Mums a slag and I screwed your missus is fine for school football but, really that’s the best 2 seasoned professionals could come up with….

  4. sleeba says:

    Now opposition fans have options on what to chant at JT…which is nice.
    Racist, Love Cheat, Backstabber, Please Please Please Please etc.
    Go for it, have fun, be creative.
    It’s not going to bother ugly bollocks what so ever, not a jot.
    The Chief Crown Prosecutor should stand down for wasting tax payers money on what was a playground spat. What a fucking waste of time!

  5. Connor says:

    @sleeba yes, playground spat is all it was at the end of the day. As grown men they should be above insulting each other but that is all it was most likely.

  6. KKK says:

    You can say “black cunt” in England. You just can’t say “negro”…?

  7. JT says:

    Absolute bullshit!! Suarez gets done when it was word against word but even though theres video evidence of John Terry calling Ferdinand a Black Cunt, he still gets away with it!! No justice at all!

  8. tweet watch says:

    que inevitable Rio Ferdinand Tweet

  9. KKK says:

    I do apologise for my previous comment, I’m a bit simple.

  10. Al says:

    An interesting take on this is that what if, like in this case, someone had complained about what Suarez said and it went to court where inevitably, like in this case, it would have been impossible to prove the context and he was cleared, would the FA still have banned him? Unlikely and it just shows what a shambles the FA are that they can slap a huge ban on Suarez based on the context put forward by a known trouble maker like Evra, shams.

    I’m glad Terry was cleared as the most plausible explanation of the whole thing was that he was responding after thinking Ferdinand had accused him of calling him a black cunt

  11. hug me says:

    Well at least he gets to keep that 2 hours and 33 minutes worth of wages, what a relief.

  12. Milkchew says:

    Ahhh the John Terry defence aka “Did you call me a ?”

  13. jussi says:

    you should be able to say black cunt anywhere without being prosecuted. they are grown men and should be able to sort these kind of things by themselves

  14. p says:

    lets have all the fans who chant write on the their twitter and blogs and sing songs declaring him a racist, lets have all them brought up on charges too

    the UK legal system is just brilliant. beyond the whole notion of free speech, how do you even run a society on such ridiculous laws.

  15. Heapsy Boy says:

    Joke Justice system!!!!
    If i was the Judge i would have sentenced him to:
    Cut Trevor Mcdonalds grass
    Wash Lenny Henry’s car
    Clean Howard from the halifax adverts windows
    Rake the leaves off Ainsley Harriots drive
    And paint Simon from “Blue”‘s Fence!!
    For 5 Years!!

  16. plops says:

    “You can’t talk to JT like that” Ashley Cole, 2012

  17. John says:

    People’s views of the law are subject to what team they support. How sad.

  18. KKK says:

    I guess you’ve hit the big time when people start impersonating you.

  19. lfc_fan says:

    Football is so predictable

  20. LunaVC says:

    Anton never made a complaint, only when the shit storm started on youtube by a bunch of west ham fans no doubt.

    Should have never gone to court. Joke

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